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Box With Fitted Lid (lidded shoulder box)

This is one of our custom made boxes. Each one is individually made to your specification. (There is nothing off the shelf!) 

The process starts with you clicking the button below which will take you to a form. Here we will take some basic details from you as a starting point to begin the process of creating an individual quote for you.

As a guide, prices start at approximately  £300.00

Please click the link below to make an enquiry.
custom order enquiry

Every order we take is individually hand made.

We start with a large piece of grey board, rolls of material and from there, it's individually custom made to your requirements.

jackie hartnack at work making custom boxes

The sides of our boxes are made from laminating together two pieces 2mm board to make a 4mm thick wall. These are then step jointed in the corners for extra strength. Then just to make sure, we do the same again for the inner wall.

cutting out fabric for custom clamshell box

All this effort is partly down to traditional box making techniques, but mainly, it is because this is how you make the strongest possible box.

the attention to detail and strength that goes into making a custom presentation or keepsake box