• memory keepsake box and leather scrapbook album

    Custom Made Portfolios, Albums & Boxes

  • cutting board on a traditional guillotine for a custom portfolio box or album

    Each Individually Hand Crafted

  • measuring leather for a custom portfolio and album

    Bespoke To Your Exact Requirements

  • custom made memory keepsake box and album

    To Create Something Very Special

    The very finest quality portfolios, albums and boxes - Handmade in England
  • Professional, Individually Handcrafted Presentation Portfolios

    Custom made in any size and in any format.

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custom made and bespoke certificate holder with personalised cover graduation gift

The Perfect Graduation Gift - A Personalised Diploma Box

After years of hard work  to obtain one, where do most university or college diplomas eventually live? One or two maybe on a wall, but far too many reside in a filing cabinet or even worse, in an attic! Here is a far more fitting place.

Our  hand made diploma scroll boxes are the most fitting (and beautiful!) places for a diploma or certificate to be stored.

Each are individually handmade and are covered in fabric to match the colours of the university or college. Gold foil stamping on the spine display the graduates name, institution, subject and graduating year.

A very special gift in recognition of many years hard work.

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  • Bespoke And Personalised Vehicle Document Holders

    Custom made folders, binders and boxes for classic and special vehicles.

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  • memory keepsake box and leather scrapbook album

    Keepsake Memory Boxes & Albums

    For weddings, your family's history or special projects

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