Fabrics and Leather, Our Materials

Buckram is generic name for a cotton cloth with a water resistant coating. The same buckram cloth on your box or portfolio will more than likely be in use in national libraries around the world, such is their reputation for wear and longevity.

The Bookcloths we use are tissue lined 100% Rayon cloth. Softer to the touch than Buckram, Windsor has a slightly heavier grain and feel than Colorado. Neither have been given any coating so mark and wear more easily than Buckram.
The Linen coverings we offer come in a natural weave and depending on the colour, both the weft and warp are the same or different colours.

We source our Leather from a leather merchant in London who in turn sources our particular hides from Italy.The leather we buy is vegetable tanned, which is a natural process as old as the Romans, which gives both the texture and the ‘leather’ smell. It is ’top grain’ (it is the skin's surface) and it has been dyed through and is uncorrected. The latter meaning, it’s hasn’t had a skin print rolled onto it or had a plastic covering put on it either. There could be the odd scar and mark (though within reason - it should be nothing dramatic.)
Due to the nature of the leather as well as the way it is dyed, maintaining a consistent colour over each batch is nye on impossible. Our advice, if getting the right brown is critical, is to contact us and ask for a sample from our current batch and we will happily put something into the post. You won't necessarily be able to match it exactly but at least you will not get any nasty surprises when you receive your album or portfolio.
After dying, in order to give the surface of the leather some texture, (it would be flat apart from the odd scar or two) the hides are put into a massive drum and then tumbled. This not only softens the leather but gives it the ‘bubble’ texture. Again, because this is a natural product, not every hide will be the same. If you would prefer a slightly flatter texture, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The Greyboard that we use is 100% recycled but not acid free.  

The Adhesive that we use is specially formulated and is a neutral pH, non plasticised, reversible archival paper laminating adhesive.