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    Bespoke Keepsake Boxes & Albums For Families

Individually Handcrafted & Bespoke Babies Keepsake & Memory Boxes, Albums and Scrapbooks Books. Handmade in England

Nestled within the beautiful rolling hills and countryside of Devon, Hartnack & Co are a small artisan bindery that specialise in  handmade, individual boxes, binders and albums.
This page is dedicated to showing you ideas and giving you inspiration of what can be done. Keepsake boxes can be covered in any of our fabrics, or you can supply your own - In fact as they are individually made, they can be any size as well. Each item can be personalised either blind or foiled stamped. All our items are custom and bespoke, which is why most are labelled P.O.A. (Price On Application) There is nothing 'Off The Shelf'.

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Multi Tier Keepsake Boxes

These are the just as the name describes, a box with a tray that nests on top of the inner box. We think these are an ideal size, (but can be made to any size you like). The tray that lifts out can be compartmentalised into sections or just left whole - It's an ideal place for your baby scrapbook.
Fabrics can be chosen on our swatch page. We recommend the Buckram as an outer cover only because it has an acrylic coating which is water resistant, therefore easy to clean and durable. The inner cover can be a standard book cloth, or as a little twist, maybe we can use a fabric from your nursery for the inner material, or something else.

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This is Why The Whole Business Started

In 2012 Jackie Hartnack was looking for a particular certificate in her daughter, Charlotte's bedroom and she couldn't find it - It was while looking for it that she had the idea of making her an album to keep everything in one place, and so the idea of the business was born!
Actually, Charlotte's album didn't actually arrive for at least 6-8 months. Jackie would suggest the idea to other parents, who said that it was exactly what they were looking for, and could they have one? Charlotte did finally get her album. The cover was made out of cotton fabric that Jackie had bought years earlier to make Charlotte a summer dress for a family trip to Orlando, Florida and can be seen below - The rest is history, which is why we have such a special place in hearts for Childrens album's and keepsake boxes, It's the geneis of why the whole business started.

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Bespoke Baby Albums

We can create albums to any size and using any fabric. With the example above we were sent some fabric by our client. This matched furnishings from her nursery. We put some special backing on the material and converted into book cloth which is what we made the covers from. The green spine fabric is from our standard swatch colours and we then blind embossed the spine.

So how do you go about commissioning an album like this? You can either click on the 'product page' link below or have a look at on our product pages for a rough guide to prices. If you would like us to use your own material we will need a sample to check it suitable and the rest is just down to exactly how you would like it!

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fabric swatch material and colour book for keepsake box and albums

It's Your Box And Album, So Choose From A Wide Choice Of Fabrics.

You are not restricted to just one colour or fabric
If there is a particular colour scheme for your wedding then let us know and we can make suggestions of colours and fabrics to match. We are always happy to send out samples of fabrics so that you can match them more accurately.

The materials we use are archive safe, acid free book cloth, ensuring all your precious memories are kept safe for years to come. We would always recommend a buckram outer cover as this is water resistant and hard wearing, can be easily cleaned ensuring it stays pristine. 

Click on the link below to go to our swatch page.

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leather scrapbook and keepsake box by hartnack and co

A Great Story & A Wonderfull Idea

When we first started we were approached by a couple who wanted to create an album for their newly born son. Their idea was that each year they were going to write a letter to him and place it in the album, along with various memories and milestones of the year. The leather album which was personalised on the cover would be kept inside the clamshell box, which was also personalised.
Then, on his 18th birthday he is going to be presented with this box and the album - What an amazing gift! Something that tells his story, not just to him, but to generations to come.

keepsake box with drawer and leather album by hartnack and co

Drawer Box With Leather Album

A really popular choice for those looking to combine a leather album and a keepsake drawer. The example you'll see on our website is based around an A3 leather album, but this is a custom made product so you can make this any size you like. Again, fabrics and personalisation are down to what you would like.
The albums are made from our Italian sourced, 3.5mm thick, full grain veg tanned hides (only the finest!) and can have either a screw post or ring binder mechanism inside.

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A Keepsake Box & Album For Today, But An Heirloom For Tomorrow

Keepsake or memory boxes, albums and scrapbooks, might be considered by some as a passing frivolity or indulgence on a new born baby or toddler, however we really don't see it that way at all. What you collect now tells their story as babies, then as young children, then as teenagers, it becomes part of their life story, who they were and who they are - After that it becomes an heirloom for the next generation. Who was I? Then, who was Dad? Then, who was Grandad?..
Yes, your children will love and appreciate it, but as a family archive, it will be gift not just for their lifetime, but for lifetimes to come. 

wedding album and keepsake box maker Jackie Hartnack measuring up

How it's All Made

Every order is made by hand in our Devon studio. Each item is handcrafted to the highest possible standards using traditional bookbinding and box making techniques. Making your keepsake box is a long process. It can take between 8 - 10 hours from start to finish when you consider time spent measuring, cutting, assembling, personalising and packing. It really is a labour of love and something we are immensely proud of - creating bespoke keepsake boxes and albums that will last a lifetime and that can be passed down from one generation to the next.