Hartnack and Co | Artwork Requirements

Artwork Requirements

These are magnesium dies and once we get your artwork, we make them up and use them to print your name, logo or title on to the cover of your box or portfolio.

Magnesium Dies For Personalisation on Hartnack & Co Product

What are your options?

You have two options - Either we set your name for you in one of the fonts listed below, or you send us a file with your ready artwork.

Option 1 - Using one of our Typefaces or Fonts

An ideal choice if you don't have a particular font you want to use. We set out your name with either of the fonts below

How it works..

  1.     Choose your type from the options above.
  2.     Let us know the name, or what words you would like to use.
  3.     Tell us how long you would like the name to be.
  4.     Then tell us where on the portfolio you would like it placed.

A week before production, we will send you, via email, a positioning proof, which is a simple mock up of the cover. You need to confirm by replying to the email, that everything is how and where you would like it and most importantly, that we have spelt it correctly.

That's it!


Option 2 - You send us complete or finished artwork.

Please ensure that your names, logos (finished artwork) are sent as per the following.

  1.     Please ensure that your artwork is to scale (the size you want it to appear). The stamping plate is  20cm / 8" long by 15cm / 5" high so can be no bigger than this.
  2.     Ideally artwork should be a vector image generated in Adobe Illustrator (please click here for guide and specification).  We can also accept very high resolution PDF's generated in Photoshop (please click here for guide and specification)
  3.     It must be 100% black on a white background. No colour or grayscale artwork please.
  4.     Please send a diagram of where you would like it placed.

If your design, or the image that you require stamping is very detailed, we might not be able to use a magnesium die as it will not capture the detail well enough. We would have to use a brass die that is cut out using a CNC drill bit, unfortunately these are more expensive than magnesium and we will quote separately for this.

Send both your logo and positioning diagram files to: nick@hartnackandco.com If you could name the file Firstname_Lastname_Logo (i.e Nick_Hartnack_Logo) and/or Companyname_Layout, that would be wonderful.

Lastly, but importantly. If we have to do any remedial work on the artwork you send us, there will be a charge based on £60.00 p/hour. Just send it exactly as above and we'll be good to go!!