Finished Artwork Requirements

Please ensure that all artwork sent, follows the guidelines below. 

  1. Please ensure that all artwork is to scale (the size you would like it to appear). Maximum artwork size for blind embossing and foil stamped artwork is 20cm / 8” long by 15cm / 5” high.
  2. Your artwork must be 100% black on a white or transparent background (no colour or grey scale).
  3. Artwork should be supplied as a Vector generated image (.ai .eps). If you are unsure take a look at these videos below for guidance on how to create a vector.
  4. Fonts/Typefaces must not be live. They need to be outlined (Abode illustrator menu bar - go to Type - then down to Outline).

It is important to point out...

  • That we can not use bitmap/raster images as artwork (i.e. jpeg, png). This includes bitmap images saved as PDF.
  • If your artwork contains very fine details it may require a brass die instead of a magnesium one. Unfortunately brass dies are more expensive and we will quote for this separately.
  • Artwork can be uploaded at the time of ordering alternatively, please send  artwork and positioning diagram to:
  • Lastly, but very importantly. If we have to do any remedial work on the artwork you send us, there will be a charge based on £60.00 p/hour. Just send it exactly as above and we'll be good to go!!

Adobe Illustrator: How to convert text to outlines in Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop: How to convert text to a vector in Photoshop