Personalised Menu Covers & Wine Lists - A Guide To H&Co Options

hard wearing buckram fabric covered personalised menu coverExposed screwpost buckram menu
leather menu cover exposed screw post Exposed screw post leather menu
Personalised leather menu coverFull hide leather menu
luxury leather personalised menu boardsLeather menu boards

Menu Covers - What Do We Make? 

Essentially we make custom, bespoke and personalised, luxury high end binders, of which menu covers (and drink menus and wine lists) fall into that category. Our speciality is small quantities but high quality. If we can make a little boast it is that our menu covers are in bars, restaurants, luxury boutique hotels and on super yachts around the world. It appears people like what we make and will come a long way to get it.

Just like most of your recipes, everything we make is hand made and starts from scratch, though in our case, our ingredients are A1 size book board, glue, book cloth and or, a hide of quality, full grain Italian veg tanned leather.

You tell us what you want made out of it, and we start making it - by hand and from scratch (there are no machines).

We understand that new menu covers are a bit like a new branding exercise, it’s not cheap, but it’s important. You want to convey to your diners before they’ve even seen the food, what sort of restaurant or establishment you are. Hopefully some of our products will help you achieve that. 

While we do not make, every type of menu cover, hopefully you’ll find a style below that suits what you are looking for. Essentially we make :

  • Leather Menu’s using a single piece of quality veg tanned hide. These can have either inner boards glued to the covers (which we recommend when ordering 2.5mm leather as it gives them rigidity) or just full hide. These can also be personalised on the cover with your logo and or accompanying words. By and large we use screw post mechanisms for binding but we can also use ring binders.
  • Book cloth or leather covered board menu covers. This is where we take a material and bind (glue) it around book board (thick card board). Buckram is a very durable material that is easy to clean and takes some hard use. We also offer faux leather, which is becoming more popular and for the ultimate in quality and luxury we can use genuine leather. All of these can be personalised on the cover with your restaurant or establishment logo.

Below is a look at these in more detail.

 Leather Menu Covers

A4 brown leather personalised menu cover with

Option 1 - Full hide leather menu cover

Features - A very simple design using screw post mechanisms. A4 and A5 sizes. Ideal in the 3.5mm leather (brown, waxy dark brown and black, see examples below) but this design can also be used in 2.5mm leather, though these are ideally suited to A5.
Personalisation Options - Blind debossed (no colour impression) and colour foiled.


Images beloware of full hide leather menu covers and wine lists in 3.5mm thick Italian veg tan hide which is available in 3 colours.

A4 landscape black leather menu cover with blind debossed personalisation
Open A4 landscape menu cover with screw posts
A4 landscape menu cover in dark brown waxy leather with cover personalised in gold foil
A4 brown leather menu cover with restaurant logo personalised on front cover
A4 menu cover with high quality plastic page sleeves mounted on 4 screw posts
back of A4 menu cover


Images below are of menu covers in 2.5mm thick Italian veg tan hide which is available in 3 colours. Note that this leather is not only thinner but is also more textured than the 3.5mm. Also the inside has a suede finish.

Brown 2.5mm A4 leather menu covers
A4 brown leather menu cover with page sleeves
A4 brown leather menu cover
Personalised A5 leather drinks menu cover
A5 leather menu cover with elastic strap
A5 genuine leather drinks menu cover

Option 2 - Leather Portfolio Style Menu Covers

Features - The same as leather menu covers above but have inner covers of book cloth covered board mounted to the outer leather covers.
Personalisation Options - Blind debossed and colour foiled.


Images below are drinks and menu covers that are available in both 3.5mm and 2.5mm leather and have inner cover boards.

A5 luxury leather drinks menu cover with personalised cover
A5 leather drinks menu with gold foiled inner cover
A4 leather menu cover with personalised cover
A4 personalised brown leather menu cover
Inner covers in blue book cloth of A4 leather menu cover with screw post binder mechanism
Long thin A4 leather menu cover split into 2 A5 vertical sheets of paper

Option 4 - Leather Menu Boards

Features - A5 or A4, 3.5 or 2.5mm veg tanned leather with book cloth covered board attached to the reverse face with corners to insert sheets of paper into.
Personalisation - Blind beboss (no colour) or colour foil.

Personalised A5 leather menu board
leather menu board with corners for A5 pages

 Book Cloth, Faux Leather, Genuine Leather Bound Menu Covers

Buckram durable easy to clean but quality personalised menu cover
Fabric menu covers with an inner cover board

Option 5 - Book Cloth (Buckram & Faux Leather) Menu Covers

Features - A fabric material that is glued and bound around 3mm board and has an additional inner cover board that is also covered in a fabric. Buckram is easy to clean and durable.
Colours - Buckram has a large colour fabric swatch which can be found here
Personalisation - Covers can be colour foiled and blind debossed

Screw post menu cover how they work
Long thin personalised cocktail drink menu cover
luxury cocktail menu cover which holds 2 pages
A4 fabric buckram covered personalised menu cover for luxury yacht

Option 6 - Leather Bound Menu Covers & Menu Boards

The premium of all luxury binders, the leather bound menu cover and menu board. We use 1.5mm genuine leather which we bind around book board.

Features - Available in a wide variety of leather colours and can be made to any size or format.
Personalisation - Blind (no colour) debossed and colour foiled.

Luxury leather bound menu cover in white leather with personalised cover
luxury leather menu cover with page holder inner covers to fit A5 paper
A5 luxury genuine leather menu covers with blind embossed personalisation
Luxury leather menu board in white leather and blue grey material boards with A5 page holders in the corner
blind emboss personalisation detail and menu board page holder detail
luxury A4 leather menu board with book cloth menu holder

Lastly, If there is a menu cover that you do not see above, then contact us and send us an image of what you are looking for and we will see if we can make it.

We do not have a set price list on any of the above. It all depends on how many you are looking for. Please contact us by email using this email link and tell us what you would like a quote on.