• A photographers portfolio book with a personalised embossed cover

    The H&Co Guide To Buying a Photography Portfolio

A significant part of our customer base for portfolios are photographers. They hail not just from the UK but from around the world and their photographic subjects and disciplines are just as varied as their geographic locations. From our point of view, they share one thing in common - They all want to present their printed work in the very (very!) best way possible.

Depending on use, each have their various preferences and questions. Portfolio books or portfolio boxes? If it's books should the pages be bound directly into the portfolio, or do you use hinge strips or are sleeves the answer to solve grubby fingers??

After many, (many!) conversations with our customers, we decided to put together this brief guide to commissioning a bespoke professional photography portfolio (book or box) for your printed work.

What sort of 'milage' or handling is your portfolio going to see?

photographers portfolio book and portfolio box by H&Co with embossed personalisation

Portfolio Book or Portfolio Box? It depends on your style of presentation.

The different portfolio binder mechanisms available

screw post portfolio book

The Screw Post Portfolio

The binding posts come in a variety of sizes (lengths). The posts are spaced in a standard 2 or 4 paper punch distance, or 3 if you order an American size.

They tightly bind the edge of your work like a bound book which is how the work is viewed. They are easy to use in terms of taking images in and out of. Click the button below to find out more.

using a screw post binder
Ring binder portfolio book

The Ring Binder Portfolio

Available in International spacing distance 2 ring or 4 ring, or American 3 ring. Also in a variety of binder capacity. It's just a matter of finding which one suits you best.
Click on the button below to find out what binder mechanisms are available.

what size binder mechanisms

Photography Portfolio Book sizes

Portfolio book sizes

how many pages fit into a photography portfolio book

Inserting your images into your portfolio

Inserting prints directly.

This involves punching holes directly into your paper stock and then inserting the page over the screw posts or into the binder mechanism. The clear advantage is that there is nothing between the eye and the print. The disadvantage is that you are punching holes in your paper stock and having to score the margin.

A guide to inserting pages directly
hinge and file strips for photography portfolios

Using hinge/file strips.

These are clear polyester (plastic) strips 25mm wide with a 13mm sticky adhesive strip that you attach to the edge  of you print. The other side of the hinge strip is punched and it is this that you place over the screw posts of binder mechanism. These are only available in one length size, 293mm.

A guide to using hinge strips
glass clear archive safe page protector pockets sleeves

Polypropylene page protectors

Available in a variety of sizes. We take a lot of pride in the clarity of ours, also that they are archive safe (acid free) which means the print ink will not react with the plastic.

product page
high clarity print and page sleeves for photographers

Polyester page sleeves

Available from us in 11 x 14” and A3 Landscape. Effectively they are acetate sheets which are crystal clear, that are folded and creased with punch holes. The electrostatic nature of polyester holds the prints in to place. They’re the ’top end’ of print sleeves, but aren’t cheap.

Product page
photographers portfolio box with embossed logo in black foil and grey buckram outer cover and a orange tray.

Photographers Portfolio Box

cover options available for photography portfolio books and portfolio boxes

Portfolio cover options

Branding your portfolio

Further Reading...

  • Lastly. Let your portfolio make a statement about you, while the work inside speaks for itself