• The H&Co Guide To Buying a Photography Portfolio

A significant part of our customer base for our portfolios are photographers. They hail not just from the UK but from around the world and their photographic subjects and disciplines are just as varied as their geographic locations.
From our point of view, they share one thing in common - They all want to present their printed work in the very (very!) best way possible.

It is at this point however that this common purpose splinters into a number of different camps or preferences. Books or boxes? If its books should the pages be bound directly into the portfolio, or do you use hinge strips or are sleeves the answer to solve grubby fingers??

After many, (many!) conversations with our customers, we decided to put together this brief guide to commissioning a custom and bespoke professional photography portfolio for your printed work.

A portfolio is on one hand branding (i.e. the cover colour, the 'feel' your name/logo etc) and on the other hand, how you want the presentation of your work to unfold to the viewer.

The best place to start is, where it's going to spend most of its time? Is it going to live with an agency or is it living with you?

What’s your presentation style?

Photography Portfolio Books

Inserting Your Prints Into The Binder

Photography Portfolio Boxes

Types of Portfolio Boxes

Clamshell Box

Half Clamshell Box

Cover Materials