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  • Portfolio book inside portfolio box

    Portfolio books and boxes used by professional Photographers, Designers and Architects


  • leather tender presentation proposal box and binder

    Presentation binders and boxes made by us and used by Companies and Corporations


  • Bespoke leather guest book

    Products used in Restaurants, Boutique Hotels and on Super Yachts


  • thumbnail custom vehicle history binder

    Bespoke binders and boxes for classic cars and motorcycles

    • - Luxury, Hand Made Certificate Holders. Whether you need a certificate holder to record achievements over a life time or to make an impression at an interview, the quality of an H&Co portfolio binder ensure it will last a life time.
      Versatile Exposed Screw Post Binder. The Exposed Screw Post portfolio is a versatile binder, mainly because its capacity is not constrained by having a spine cover. Different quantities of pages can be accommodated simply by swapping over the screw post lengths. It can hold anything from 1 page to 100 pages.
       - Size. As each portfolio is individually made, we can accommodate any size of media. If you are placing just pages in the binder then it will be made to fit those pages exactly. If you are using plastic page protectors, then the portfolio will be made fractionally larger and if you choose to have dividers then we will ensure that your outer cover is made larger again. Everything must fit perfectly!
       - It's Bespoke To Your Requirements. As mentioned above we can make your portfolio to any size and any configuration. If there is a particular colour, feature or embellishment you want that's not featured in any of these tabs, just ask. 
      - Help. If you are having any problems when placing your order, please feel free to contact us directly. We can't take payments over the phone, but we can certainly help you with placing your order. 
      Please Note- Page protectors are sold separately and can be found here H&Co Page Protectors

      gallery page
    • - There is no extra charge for having more than one colour or how and where you use them.

      - There is however a one off charge for using a non standard/stock material
      - For the outer cover we strongly suggest you use either a buckram or faux leather as these can be wiped clean. Windsor and Colorado book cloths can not!
      - Please see all the fabrics and colours here, H&Co Colour Swatch Guide.
      - We strongly urge you to request fabric samples from us if you are in any doubt of your choice.
    • How. There are 2 options open to you regarding your personalisation. Either we can set out your wording using one of our house fonts as below, an easier to see version of which can be found here.

      version can be found here.

      Hartnack and co house fontsAlternatively, you can send us finished and ready to use artwork  in the form of an .ai or .eps file. Anything stamped must be in black (not greyscale or colour) on a white background. No JPEG's or PNG files please. Our finished artwork specification can be found here. 

      - How is it done? We use the artwork you send us, or that we set out. to create a metal (magnesium) stamping die (picture below) which we attach to our stamping press and then create an impression on to the cover of your portfolio.
                magnesium dies
      Where. Your personalisation can be placed anywhere you like. We can also use the same die to make a second stamp on, for example, the spine for which you would just be charged for the stamping.

      Can I have more than one? Yes, you can have as many different personalisations as you like, but each new one will require a new die and therefore an extra charge.  

      What are my personalisation options? There are 5 options. They are:
      -  Blind Deboss - Heavy impression with no colour.
                                 Blind deboss example
      -  Colour Block Foiled - Light impression with colour foil infill.
                                 colour foil example
      -  Leaving A Recessed Space - An area of any size is inset into the cover where you can place a card or image.
                                 Inset space example
      -  Plaque with Name Foiled - As above, an area is inset into the cover, but we create a plaque and foil or blind deboss a name or logo.
                                 example of an inset foiled plaque
      Cut Out Window With Logo Foiled - A window (of any shape) is cut into the cover and a name/logo is foiled or blind debossed within.
                                 Inset window example
      -  UV Printed - A name or logo is colour printed onto the cover.
               UV colour printing example
      For more information. Our guide to personalisation can be found on this page here, Guide To Personalisation.
    • A guide to internal pockets can be found on this page, Internal Pockets. Each pocket option carries a surcharge.
      - Business card Pocket  
      - Business card pocket front & back  
      - Full width horizontal pocket 
      - Full length vertical pocket 
      - Horizontal and/or vertical pocket front & back 
      - Business card pocket front, Full length pocket back 
    • Our process runs as follows. Your order enters the production queue the moment you check out. Within a few minutes of having placed an order, you will receive via email, an Order Confirmation sheet. At the bottom of this page you will find an expected despatch date. (Please make sure you reply to this email as it ensures we have understood your order correctly and will not start making your order until we have this confirmation).
      To get an update delivery time and cost please click this link.
    • Size? We work from the size of the media being placed inside the portfolio or binder. We work on generic international and US sizes, but can make to any size. If the size of the media is not mentioned here we will either ask you to pick the closest size we feature (for pricing purposes) and then you can tell what size the media is, or will make out a special order for you.
       - Orientation? Portrait means the media sits vertically and is bound along the long edge.
      Landscape means the media sits horizontally and is bound along the short edge.

       - Protectors, Sleeves or Hinge Strips? It is important for us to know if your pages are being placed in page protectors/pockets or if you are using hinge strips as we must allow for the cover to be sized to fit. Also our H&Co pockets maybe a different size to other suppliers, which is why we ask this question. 
      Help? If you are having any problems when placing your order, please feel free to contact us directly. We can't take payments over the phone, but we can certainly help you with placing your order.
      What length of screw post?. This refers to the thickness of the documents being placed inside the portfolio. Our standard spine width of 2cm, fits approximately 25 page protectors. If you feel this wont be wide enough, please let us know on the order.

      Certificate Holder/Folder (Exposed Screw Post)


      The price above excludes personalisation (names, logos etc).
      Use the product options below to customise this item and make it bespoke to you in terms of size, colour and personalisation :


      Each order we make is individually hand made, from scratch.

      We start with a large piece of greyboard, a couple of rolls of material and from there, it's individually custom made to your requirements.

      exposed screw post portfolio book with single page

      Our outer covers consists of two pieces of 2mm thick board, laminated together, making the outer cover 4mm thick. The inner cover is another 1.5mm thick. Why? Because it's all about the quality, strength and longevity of the portfolio.

      Our Exposed Screw Post binder. A flexible, easy to use portfolio with posts that can be changed to accommodate the quantity of page's that it's required to take.