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  • screw post portfolio book in orange and grey fabric for photographers designers and architects

    Portfolio Books & Portfolio Boxes

    Stunning Presentation Portfolios For The Creative Industry.

Individually Handcrafted Photography, Design & Architects Presentation Portfolio Books and Boxes. Handmade in England

Nestled within the beautiful rolling hills and countryside of Devon, H&Co are a small artisan bindery specialising in individually handmade boxes and binders.
This page is dedicated to showing you the beautiful products we make for the creative industry. Your portfolio is a reflection of you. It's your packaging and branding and we think it's worth investing in the very best you can get.

  • Let your portfolio make a statement about you, while the work inside speaks for itself.

Screw Post Portfolios

Probably the most popular binding for portfolio books is the  screw post binder. Quite simply they are the closest thing you can have to a bound book, whilst retaining the flexibility of being able to change the contents at will. Screw posts can vary in length, so your portfolio can accommodate anything from 5 pages to well over 100.
There are a number of different styles of screw post portfolio available to you. The Exposed Screw Post Portfolio is simple and flexible, while the Case Bound Portfolio and Hidden Screw Post Portfolio have fixed spines so appear more like books.
For those working with custom sized paper, remember everything we make is individual and bespoke, so we can make to any paper size you require. 

Hartnack screw post portfolio collection
image of screw posts used in presentation portfolios

What Are Screw Posts?

Probably the most popular ways of binding a portfolio are screw posts.

They consist of a threaded tube into which the screw head is fitted. By placing hole punched pages or page protectors through the tubes and then capping of the other end, you get tightly bound pages, so that your portfolio works like a bound book.
Posts are available in different lengths and are easy to use.
The link below takes you to a page that shows you how to fill a screw post portfolio.

how to change pages in a screwpost book
custom made ring binder portfolio

Ring Binder Portfolios

The traditional ring binder; flexible and very easy to use. With matt black ring binder mechanisms, they are also that bit more exclusive as well. It is an ideal portfolio choice for those with ever changing contents who don't want the hassle of the screw post mechanism. They're also very easy to present when using a large volume of work.
There is a choice of two ring binder folders; the fully case bound fabric over board option which we simply refer to as a Ring Binder and the Leather Ring Binder.
The leather ring binder is available in either the 3.5mm thick leather or the 2.5mm textured leather in either black or brown. 

Hartnack Ring binder collection

black ring binder mechanisms

What Ring Binder Options Have You Got?

We have a number of different ring binder mechanisms with capacity ranging from 3 to 12cms.
The 2.5cm, 4cm, and 5cm mechanisms are avialable in matt black or silver. The other sizes are chrome only.

Ring Binder Mechanism Guide
3.5mm thick brown veg tanned leather hide and 2.5mm black leather hide

Leather Portfolios

We use the finest Italian full grain, veg tanned leather in our portfolios. It is available in 3.5mm or 2.5mm, brown  or black as either a Leather Screw Post Portfolio or Leather Ring Binder Portfolio.
Both leathers have been 'tumbled' which softens the veg tanned hides and,  as typical with a natural organic product, some hides have more texture than others. The 2.5mm leather being thinner has more texture than the 3.5mm leather. With either choice, leather makes for an incredibly tactile and wonderful smelling portfolio!
Due to the physical size of the hides, the largest portfolio we can accommodate, is an A2 Portrait. 

hartnack leather portfolio collection
  • cover swatch for portfolios made by hartnack and co

    What's a custom portfolio without colour choice?

    There is no limit to how many colours you can have in your portfolio. We'll even use your own material! In the mean time, click the link below and see the fabrics that we offer.

    colour swatch
A3 portfolio box

Portfolio Boxes

Whether it's a print portfolio box or a presentation portfolio box, you can design a clamshell box that is completely bespoke to you. This is a popular choice among graphic designers, as this allows them to present their ideas in style.
Your portfolio box can be made to fit any size of paper you wish and can be any depth required. Your box can be also be personalised.
There is a choice between a Full Clamshell Box which has two trays or a Half Clamshell Box which has one tray and a lid. The later has a magnetic closure and is actually ideal as a portfolio box. We can also fit a ring binder mechanism in either styles to produce a Ring Binder Box File

hartnack portfolio box collection

personalised leather wedding album cover

Your Personalisation Options

What's a custom made portfolio if it is not personalised!?

You have a number of possibilities when it comes to  personalising your portfolio. We can either set your name out using one of our 'house fonts' or you can send us your own logo.
Choices include blind debossing; downward stamping with no colour infill, foil stamping; coloured foil is impressed into the cover of your portfolio, UV printing; ideal for a full colour logo.

See our personalistion guide below for more information.

personalisation guide