Bespoke, Individually Handmade Portfolios for The Medical Professional

Ring binders and lever arch file mechanisms for vehicle document and history folders

What Binder Mechanisms Are Available?

We offer a huge range of different binder mechanisms, both lever arch and ring binder. In line with recent guidance for medical portfolio’s we suggest however using a two ring lever arch binder. We offer two sizes of lever arch binders, 5cm, and 6.5cm which will fit approximately 100 - 120 of our plastic page protectors. 
We also offer 4 ring 'D' shaped ring binder mechanism's in 4cm, 5cm and 6.5cm. Lastly and for those with a lot to include, we offer 8cm and 10cm 'Q' ring binders, which is  the binder second from the left in the picture above. To find out more about our binder mechanism click on the link below.

Personalising Your Medical Portfolio

Every order is individually handmade - There is nothing we do that is 'off the shelf'