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Nestled within the beautiful rolling hills and countryside of Devon, H&Co are a small artisan bindery specialising in individually handmade boxes and binders.

Your portfolio is a reflection of you and we think it's worth investing in the very best you can get. This page is dedicated to showing you what is available by way of a custom made portfolio binder. 

large ring binder mechanisms for medical and surgical portfolios

What Ring Binder Mechanisms Are Available?

Durability and quality are obviously the most important aspects of a bespoke portfolio and to that end we use the best mechanisms we can find in this case they are Benson Mechanisms. While they offer a wide range of D ring O Ring and Lever Arch  mechanisms (of which we can get access to) our stock binder mechanisms should adequately cater to your requirements.

D Ring Binder - The binders are referred to by the height in centimetres of paper/media that each binder can comfortably accommodate. As a rough guide the 6.5cm ring binder will take 100 x plastic page protectors (110 micron polypropylene) and 140 x A4 sheets of paper (80 gsm). The 5cm ring binder will take 80 x page protectors and 120 sheets of A4 paper.

Lever Arch Mechanism - Two lever arch mechanisms are available. The smaller of the two’s capacity is 3.5cm and the larger is 5.6cm. There is a third mechanism (non stock) whose capacity is 6.3cm.

Q Ring Binder - The largest of our binder mechanisms, the Q ring binders capacity is 12cm and has a locking screw at the top of the mechanism, to keep the mechanism securely closed.

Screw Posts

Chicago screw posts bind the left hand edge of the pages tightly together which means your portfolio takes on a similar format to that of a book. Adding pages is a simple matter of unscrewing the top of the posts, removing the cover and then replacing or adding pages.

One of the advantages to screw posts are that they are available in a wide variety of lengths. If your portfolio does not have a spine cover, then extensions can be bought which means that your portfolio can easily grow with you (ideal for the exposed screw post leather portfolio).

Screw post lengths start from 2cm’s and then come in multiple sizes up to 10cm’s

Personalising Your Portfolio

Probably the key to a custom made bespoke portfolio is having you name and if applicable your qualifications stamped on the cover. Listed below are the types of personalisation available to you. When you order you are asked which Typeface or Font you would like. These can be found here. H&Co Typefaces
If you opt for Colour Foil Stamping you will be asked what colour foil you would like, which can be found here: Foil Swatch

blind emboss on a personalised medical portfolio

Blind Deboss Stamping

Blind Embossing has no colour. Technically it’s called ‘debossing’ as you are pushing down into the surface. Debossing is best used on brown leather as the colour of leather changes when stamped.

If you are opting for a buckram cover then we tend to make you name bigger so that it stands out better (debossing relies on light and shadow to clearly pick out the name)

Foil Stamping

As the name suggests your name and titles are foiled onto the cover. It uses the same process as embossing where a metal stamp with your name is pressed into the surface albeit slightly lighter and with a colour foil pressed into the cover. There are a number of colour foils that can be used which can be found by click the link below.

Foil Swatch
foiling emboss on a personalised surgical portfolio
name plaque on a personalised surgical portfolio

Name Plaque & Foil Stamp

A popular choice as it is possible to change the plaque in the future should your personal circumstances change.

A name plaque is where an area is cut out into the cover. The cut out board is made slightly smaller and then covered in fabric (usually matching your inner cover). Your name is then Foil Stamped into the cover as per the process mentioned above.

Portfolio Cover Materials

Fabric (Material) Covers.  We offer two different materials, Buckram and Book Cloth.
Buckram - We strongly recommend using Buckram for outer cover. It is coated with acrylic and is therefore easy to maintain and be wiped clean.
Book Cloth - Book cloth is not coated, so we suggest avoiding this as an outer cover,  but does work as a contrasting inner cover.

Leather.  We use full grain, veg tanned 3.5mm thick cow hide that has been tumble finished. We have chosen our leather supplier not just because of their leather, but because of the colour and texture of the leather.

Fabric Swatch

Page Protectors & Dividers

We use the highest quality 110 micron polypropylene multi punched pockets. Importantly they’re acid free and archive safe and exceptionally clear. We keep a large stock of these page protectors and they are ordered in multiples of 10. These can be ordered by pushing the button below.

Unfortunately as of yet, we do not sell dividers.

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