Personalised Photo Albums

Memories of your loved ones on that special day should be treasured. Our custom made, personalised photo albums are the perfect place to keep them. With our wide array of personalisation options, your photo album will be completely unique.
Hartnack & Co
  • A Binder Using Your Own Material - This can be any size you want and using any binding mechanism you want - The important bit is that you want to use you own fabric as a cover. The albums come in either A3 or A4 sizes.

    -  Any Size or Format.  What you see in the pictures is an A4, portrait portfolio with a standard 2cm spine, but it could be in any size including A6, A5, A4, A3 & A2 and all the U.S. sizes in between. In any format and with any spine width from 1cm to 15cm. 

    -  Bespoke To Your Requirements.  Just like a bespoke suit or dress, this item is custom made just for you. This means that the size, the outer colour, the inner colour whether it has internal pockets or not is completely up to you.

     -  Need Help.  Hopefully all answers you'll need are in the tabbed section above, but if by any chance you have any further questions or any problems, then please feel free to call us. 

  • Please click the link below to make an enquiry.
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  • How it is done - We have to put special paper backing to your material. Once that is done we can apply PVA glue to it without it going through to the other side.

    Before we start, not all fabric is suitable
    , so we will have to see a sample to check for suitability. 

    There is a charge for us putting a backing on your material or you can provide us with the material already backed.
  • Sizes - We base the overall size of the binder we are making, on what ever is being placed inside the covers of it. As each product is individually made and there are no stock pieces, we can make our portfolios whatever size is required. How we calculate size - We take whatever is being bound inside (say an A4 page at 210mm x 297mm) add 8mm to the top, bottom and right hand side and 12mm to the left hand side which incorporates the binding. The overall size of the portfolio or album will therefore be 317mm x 226mm. We just need to know the size of what's going inside your portfolio.
  • How. There are 2 options open to you regarding your personalisation. Either we can set out your wording using one of our house fonts, which can be found here.
    Alternatively, you can send us finished and ready to use artwork in the form of an .ai or .eps file. Our finished artwork specification can be found here. 

    Where. Your personalisation can be placed anywhere you like. In order to do this we make a metal die of your name/logo (below). We can also use the same die to stamp, to make a second stamp to stamp the same thing elsewhere, i.e. On the spine (cost £20.00).
             magnesium dies for personalisation

    Can I have more than one? Yes, you can have as many personalisations as you like, but each will require a new die and therefore an extra charge  

    What are my personalisation options? There are 3 options. They are:

    -  Leaving A Recessed Space - An area of any size is inset into the cover where upon you can place a card within the space.
    Inset space example
    -  Plaque with Name Foiled - As above, an area is inset into the cover, but we create a plaque and foil or blind deboss a name or logo.
    example of an inset foiled plaque
    Cut Out Window With Logo Foiled - A window (of any shape) is cut into the cover and a name/logo is foiled or blind debossed within.
    Inset window example
    For more information. Our guide to personalisation can be found on this page here: Guide To Personalisation.
  • How To Order - This can be done by directly emailing us with your requirements. We will then create a Custom Order for you based on the information you provide us below and then send you a link on our website to fulfil your payment details.
    What we need to know is...
    - The size of the media being placed inside the portfolio or album (if pages protectors, or album inserts are being used, then this will be considered as 'the media')
    - The name and colour of the leather you would like for the outer cover.
    - The name and colour of the material you would like for the inner cover.
    - Whether you would like inner pockets and which you would like.
    - What personalisation you would like and where you would like it.


Hartnack & Co
  •  - This leather scrapbook binder is an ideal for celebration or presentation album
     - Choose from a broad selection of materials and colours.
     - Choose what type and size of of leather binder you would like
     - Wide array of personalisation options with your name or special personalisation on the cover
  • Please see all the fabrics and colours here Fabric Swatch Page
     - There is no extra charge for using more than one colour or where you use them, after all this is bespoke and exclusive to you. There is however, a surcharge for using non-stock fabrics
     - We recommend buckram as an outer cover as it's more hard wearing.
     - We strongly urge you to request fabric samples from us if you are in any doubt of your choice.
  • There are 3 options of leather to choose from:
     - 3.5mm Tan Brown
     - 3.5mm Black Leather
     - 2.5mm Dark Brown
     - 2.5mm Black
    The albums made with 3.5mm leather are available with a 'naked' inner cover (without a fabric covered inner cover)
    The album can be personalised with same die as the box or an alternative can be chosen 
  •  - The clamshell solander boxes are made to accommodate the size of
        the album going into it
     - You can choose any combination of fabrics and materials you like for
        the outer cover and the 2 trays
     - The box can be personalised with same name (or design) as the album, or
        an alternative can be chosen
  • There are 2 options on having your folder personalised. It can either be:
     - Blind Debossed - £45.00 (stamped imprint with no colour)
     - Block Foiled - £55.00 (a colour foil is heat pressed onto the fabric)
    Your clamshell box can be personalised:
     - Blind Debossed with the same die as the folder - £10.00
     - Colour Foiled with the same die as the album - £15.00
     - Leaving A Recessed Space - £20.00
     - Plaque with Name Foiled - £85.00
  • Internal pockets include:
     - CD/DVD Pocket - £15.00
     - Full length vertical pocket - £18.00
     - Full length horizontal pocket - £18.00
  • What is the current delivery time and how much is delivery?
    Your order enters the production queue the moment you check out. Having placed an order, you will recieve via email, an Order Confirmation. At the bottom of the page you will find a date showing which week your order is being made.
    Please click here for information on current Delivery times and Shipping Costs
Hartnack & Co
  • A stunning and large A3 sized leather wedding album, with pictures of your special day completely laid out, printed and then personalised with your own wedding stationery on the cover.

    Completely bespoke and individually handmade, personalisation options, inside colours and printing details can be found on the tabs above.

    Every order is individual in its requirements in terms of size, personalisation, number of images and pages. Therefore if you could use the custom order enquiry button below and let us know your requirements, we can give you an idea of price.

    As a price guide the album featured here is A3 Landscape, with 15 pages printed both sides and was approximately £450.00

    Please click the link below to make an enquiry.
    custom order enquiry

Hartnack & Co

This is one of our custom made products. Each one is individually made to your specification. (There is nothing off the shelf!)

Your album can be any size you would like and covered in any one of our 3.5mm leathers. The box is based around the size of the album but can be covered in any of our fabrics. Equally it can have any number of drawers at any depth and personalised in any way you would like - The whole thing really is up to you! 

As a guide, the box featured on this page has the following specification :
Size Album/Portfolio - A3 Landscape H : 44 cm W : 34 cm L : 28cm
Size of the whole box - L : 50.5cm D : 14cm W : 37cm 
Materials - Brown 3.5mm leather and Natural linen. 
Personalisation - Blind deboss on a leather name plaque. 
Price - approx, £700.00 (excl vat)

Please click on the link below.
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