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Exposed Screw Post Leather Menu Covers (A4 & 8.5" x 11")

  • Our most popular menu cover - So simple, but as a menu or wine list so beautiful. The leather is the key to this exceptionally tactile menu. We use our 3.5mm thick, Italian veg tanned, top grain leather, which just begs to be picked up and handled.
    Choice of leather colours - What you see in the photos above is our medium brown colour but we also offer dark brown and black - click on the Leather tab above to see more.
    Easily personalised - The second key is that is can be personalised so easily and so effectively using a blind deboss, making it distinctively yours.
    Easy to use - Put two pages or 20 pages in it, it's just a matter of unscrewing the post caps, taking off the cover and changing the pages. If it needs to be larger then just change the length of the posts.
    In any size or format (smaller than A4) - We appreciate that menus and wine lists require different sizes and formats and as each order is hand cut and hand made, we can accommodate any size or shape. The largest size we offer for this Menu is to fit an A4 page.
    No minimum order - Most of our day to day work is making one-off binders and boxes for very important presentations or life events, as such we have no minimum order.
    How to proceed - Unlike our other products, menus and wine lists often consist of multiples and as such we prefer to quote on an individual basis. Above, you will see tabs giving outlines of what we can do as well as a rough guide to prices.
    Price depend quantities and how you would like them personalised. If you want to enquire further, then please contact us at info@hartnackandco.com with details of how many you require and how you would like them personalised.
  • We use top grain, 3mm thick, Italian vegetable tanned, tumble finished hides - more information on our leather can be found on this page here.

    You have a choice of 3 different colours.
                       Brown                                     Dark Brown                                    Black
    3.5mm brown leather sample  3.5mm black leather sample
  • A quick over view of how it works - If we are colour foiling or blind (no colour) debossing, the first thing we need to do, is get a metal (magnesium) die stamp made of what ever is being placed on the cover (as per the picture below).
    metal tooling die for personalised menus
    -  The cost of this metal die is £30.00. Once this has been made, we then charge a 'stamping charge' per item/cover. The stamping amount we charge depends upon the number of covers being stamped.
    -  If for instance you want more than one stamping, for example your logo in the centre of the cover, then the words MENU in the bottom right, that will be 2 dies and incurr a second die charge. 

    -  If we want our logo foiled or blind stamped, how does it work? There are 2 options open to you regarding your personalisation. Either we can set out your wording using one of our house fonts, which can be found here.
    Alternatively, you can send us finished and ready to use artwork in the form of an .ai or .eps file. Our finished artwork specification can be found here. 

    Where. Your personalisation can be placed anywhere you like. 

    What are my personalisation options?Your covers can be personalised in 2 ways. They can either be blind debossed or colour foiled.
                    embossing on leather menu cover      Foiling on menu Cover

  • You may or may not want plastic page protectors in your covers.

    a4 plastic page protectors
    This will be a question we will ask because it affects the actual size of the cover.  If you do want page protectors, we sell them and the link to the page can be found here. They are a glass clear, medium to heavy weight, 110 micron polypropylene premium quality cover.
  • What is the lead time? Between receiving full payment or a pre agreed deposit, the delivery time is roughly 1 - 2 weeks. Please note, we cannot start any project until we have received confirmation of both the order and the artwork.

    How is delivery made? We use DHL.

    Is there a minimum order? There is no minimum order.

    Can you make custom sizes? Yes we can make whatever size you want.

    How do I go about making an order or placing and enquiry? Contact us on info@hartnackandco.com and let us know how many you need and how you would like them personalised.

    Every order we take is individually hand made.

    We begin with a premium full grain, veg tanned hide. We measure it to your specification and then cut it out by hand.

    leather hides for portfolios

    And then we personalise it.