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Bespoke Keepsake Box

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This is one of our custom made wedding keepsake boxes. Each one is individually made to your specification. (There is nothing off the shelf!). 

The process starts with you clicking the button below which will take you to a form. Here we will take some basic details from you as a starting point to begin the process of creating an individual quote for you.
As a guide, the box featured on this page has the following specification.

Size - H : 38 cm W : 26cm L : 28cm 
Materials - Beige Buckram for the outer cover, Pampas Windsor book cloth for the inner cover and Lichen Windsor for the tray. 
Personalisation - Supplied wedding stationery artwork hot foiled in metallic green foil. 
Price - From £499.00  

Please click the link below to make an enquiry.
Custom Made Keepsake Box Enquiry

The Creation Of A Future Family Heirloom