VAT & Import Taxes

Why Do H&Co Listed Prices Exclude VAT?

Over 1 in 3 (or a third) of our customers are based outside of the United Kingdom and therefore NOT liable to pay 20% VAT. 

Of the remaining two thirds of customers based here in the UK, well over half are business's who have a VAT number and prefer to work, or be quoted excluding VAT.

If you are one of our customers who have to pay VAT, we are really sorry about this. We appreciate that it's a huge inconvenience to see a price that is ultimately not what you pay at the check out, but we had to follow demand (and it was taking a large amount of time issuing the correct VAT refund!). Again really sorry for the inconvenience. 

Import Taxes

If you are outside of the European Union, you might find that you will be liable to pay 'Import Duties' on some of our products.

If this is the case, you will be contacted by UPS, DHL or TNT and asked to pay the local import tax before they deliver your shipment from us.