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  • portfolio clamshell box by hartnack and co

    Portfolio Clamshell Boxes

our specialty is not in making volume  -  it's making one-off bespoke pieces, very well.

cutting board for a portfolio box with a vintage gullotine

Every portfolio box we make, starts from scratch. Nothing is off the shelf.

The order for your box begins with large piece of grey board. A custom clamshell box can have so many different variations of what is going inside it in terms of sizes, volume of work, binder or no binder tabs, page protectors or nothing at all.

Everything has to fit perfectly, it would be pointless to work any other way.

All materials are individually measured and cut out by hand.

Just like a bespoke suit or any other item of clothing, materials be they fabric or leather, is measured out by ruler and cut out by hand.

To see what's available in terms of fabrics have a look at out fabric swatch.

fabric swatch

And then we start to assemble your box, by hand using traditional box making techniques. We still do it this way, because it is the strongest way to do it.

premium quality custom made portfolio box

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