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Please have a look below at some the work that we have done in the past for scrapbooks, achievement folders and keepsake boxes for babies and children.

Childrens Achievement Scrapbook Folder Handmade and Bespoke with Cotton Covering and personalised name on cover

The genesis the whole H&Co business sits within the covers of the folder above (a bit dramatic, though true).
It was while trying to find somewhere to keep her daughters various certificates and diplomas in either the arts, sports or academia, that Jackie Hartnack came up with the idea of making individual children's achievement scrapbooks. As it happens Charlotte's wasn't the first folder that she made (that was the one below for Harley) as quite quickly demand grew from elsewhere and Charlotte's kept finding its way to the back of the queue.
When it finally was made however, the material she used for the cover, was an old dress that she had made for Charlotte for a family holiday to Florida.
12x12 Baby and childs keepsake and achievement scrapbook folder handmade by Hartnack & Co
child leather A3 scrapbook kept in a clamshell box to be filled with certificates and letters handmade by Hartnack & Co
A wonderful gift in the making. Each year Aston's parents will write a letter to their son and gather up various special momentos and achievements of that year. The clamshell box with the leather folder will then be presented to him on his 18th birthday.
children keepsake A3 clamshell box which contains a leather A3 scrapbook
A5 bespoke baby scrapbook handmade with cotton fabric as book-cloth and embossed name on spine
Bespoke babies scrapbook folder with embossed name handmade by Hartnack and Company England
While Harley's was the first folder Jackie ever made. The second one was for his sister Julianna here below
little girls life and memory scrapbook handmade using cotton dress material by H&Co
A4 Clamshell Keepsake Box
Little Girls small keepsake and memory box