Gallery - Bespoke Albums and Keepsake Boxes for Weddings

Gallery - Bespoke Albums and Keepsake Boxes for Weddings

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Please have a look at some of the work we have done in the past for weddings.

Wedding Keepsake Box Handmade by Hartnack and Company

Bespoke Clamshell Box to Hold Wedding Album and Keepsakes

Leather wedding album inside clamshell storage archive box

wedding photos printed on a3 pages inside leather wedding album by H&Coprinted photo pages inserted into screw post wedding album suing H&Co hinge strips

leather a3 wedding album by hartnack and co

wedding photographs printed on a3 landscape paper then inserted into leather wedding album

Bespoke 12" x 12" Wedding Album by Hartnack and Co

12" x 12" Wedding Album (above) in Linen Bookcloth outer cover and Parana Green inner cover and optional name plaque.Matching Wedding Keepsake box (below) with top tier tray for the above wedding album and space underneath for invitations, seating plans, menus and other keepsakes from the day.

Wedding Keepsake Box with Top Tray for Wedding Album

wedding presentation presentation lidded box for mother in law to daughter in law

11x14 Bespoke Wedding Album with Invitation Card set into wedding album cover

wedding invitations in double presentation panels