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Gallery - Examples of Binders and Boxes for Completed Projects

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Please have a look below at the work we have done for people celebrating either the end of a project or a place to keep the history of a building or province of a vehicle.

Bespoke Book Box for Mansion Restoration

Solander clamshell storage box for special book

bespoke book clamshell box H&Co

A3 Project Keepsake Box and Leather Album

Bespoke drawer box set with leather album

commissioned leather A3 album binder and keepsake box with drawer 

bespoke clamshell box file for house instructions

bespoke box file with screw post binder mechanism for keeping house and family history


Example of UV Printing on Hartnack and Co Folder
Leather Ring Binder Commissioned For House History

4cm Ring D Binder Mechanism in Black on H&Co Leather Ring Binder