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Pilot Logbook Binder (Casebound Screw Post Binder)

Use the product options below to customise this item and make it bespoke to you in terms of size, colour and personalisation :

Every order we take is individually hand made.

We start with a large piece of grey board, a couple of rolls of material and from there, it's individually custom made to your requirements.

custom portfolio book in black and green

Our outer covers consists of two pieces of 2mm thick board, laminated together, making the outer cover 4mm thick. The inner cover is another 1.5mm thick, why? Because it's all about the quality, strength and longevity of the logbook.

case portfolio book with plastic page protector

Our Case Bound Screw Post binder - Simple book exterior but with the advantages of the screw post mechanism, that works like a bound book. 

custom made portfolio book with page inserted