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  • Custom Made & Personalised Pilot Logbook Binder

August 17, 2020

The Project : A bespoke pilot logbook binder, made for airline pilot, Steven Robbins.

Last year we made a bespoke leather portfolio that was to be used a pilot's logbook for airline pilot Steven Robbins. After seeing our Instagram feed over the last few months, he decided however, what he really wanted was one of our personalised casebound portfolios with a slipcase.

While we have made one or two 'logbooks' in the past we hadn't much of a clue why. Surely all flights are filled in by hand in a pre-printed, well thumbed hard cover book? Apparently not. Nowadays there are very few commercial airline pilots that fill in their logbooks by hand. Everything can now be done via a pilot logbook app which sits on a tablet or smartphone.

A physical record though, still needs to be kept either because of the simple due diligence of having a physical back up to something sitting in a cloud, or because the pilot needs to attend an interview where they need to bring a physical copy of their logbook with them.

In both instances the pilot has to download the flight data from the app and then send it off and get a book printed and bound, or like Steven, you download the logbook pages and then print them out using your home printer. These can be either placed directly into the binder or in protective plastic page protectors pockets.

Steven did not want to get a logbook printed each time he had had enough pages to fill one. He wanted a beautiful looking binder that he could fill as and when he wanted, or needed to, one page at a time. Just as importantly, he wanted something bespoke to him and something a bit special.

Below is the pilot logbook binder and slipcase we made for him. He had wide choice of colours and fabrics to choose from and opted for Lichen Green and Pewter Buckram. We embossed his name and the words Pilot Logbook on the cover of the binder and the slipcase as well as on the spine of the binder.

custom made pilot logbook in a personalised slipcaseAbove, the logbook sitting neatly in the slipcase and below, the logbook pulled out of the slipcase.

Pilots log book in lichen green and slipcase in pewter buckram

custom made pilots log book binder with embossed cover and protective slipcase

8.5 x 11 Pilots logbook binder with personalised embossed name on the cover and spineThe logbook has been blind embossed (debossed) on the cover and the spine.

personalised blind embossing on the cover of a custom made pilots logbookThe inside cover of the logbook is covered in pewter buckram which matches the outer cover of the slipcase. This logbook was made to fit 8.5 x 11 inch pages.

Pilots log book binder with screw post mechanismTo put the printed pages for the logbook into the binder, can be easily done by lifting up the cover flap and accessing the screw post heads. These are unscrewed by hand and the pages simply placed into the bindings. Another option might also be using plastic page protectors.

custom made pilots logbook binder with easy access screw post coverfoil embossed personalisation on logbook slipcase coverThe logbook slipcase was silver foiled using the stamp as the logbook cover. A feature of all Hartnack & Co boxes are that they are fully lined inside, this time using the same material as the logbook binder.

personalised and lined slipcase cover for logbook in pewter buckram

Both of these items are our standard products. The logbook is a personalised casebound screw post portfolio, sized 8.5 x 11 inches in a landscape format, which can be found here

The slipcase can be found here.

For any further information, please feel free to get in contact at We make to all international and US paper sizes and ship to anywhere in the world.

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