• Personalised Visitors Book with Leather Book Cover (Jacket)

March 04, 2021

Mr Bass originally just wanted a personalised leather book jacket for a visitor book. So the project started with trying to find the perfect sized pre printed visitor or guest book with which we could make a leather dust jacket for. However after much visitor and guest book searching, none could be found that fitted the right size (It had to be large, but not blank).

Drawing a blank on the finished article, the search progressed onto finding the largest printed visitor book block, which we could then make into a book and which would then ultimately have a leather dust jacket made for.

Courtesy of RJ Ratchfords in Manchester, the book block was found and we did something we don't often do, we made a book. Actually it is something we should do more often, as there is something very satisfying about holding a bound hard cover book with a foiled title on the cover.

As Mr Bass didn't want to go through the aggravation of having to have a new book made each time the old one got full, he very wisely he decided on having 3 made; fortuitous for us, as it made for a great cover shot above (no pun intended). 

Quite often the visitors or guest books that we make are screw post binders where we have printed a custom designed visitor or guest page, however it is worth considering that we make a hard cover book that is still personalised on the cover and should you want, it can have a hand stitched personalised leather book jacket.

For more information, use the Contact Us button above and tell us what you are looking for. More images of what we make can be found here on the gallery page. In the mean time have a browse of the finished article below.

Image of 3 bespoke visitor book the top image is with the visitor book open, the bottom left is the custom made leather book jacket and the bottom right is the visitor book with gold foil personalisation

custom made hardcover guest book with gold foil personalisation

The guest book laid open with ribbon page finder

The hard cover book fits snugly and securely into its hand stitched leather book jacket

The hardcover book with its front cover within the custom made leather book jacket

Handmade personalised leather book jacket cover with gold foil embossed inscription

Hard cover guest book and leather book cover hand made by Hartnack and Company England 

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