October 04, 2018 2 min read

Custom made classic car document holders and folders have been an itch we've been wanting to scratch since our inception and over the last year it's one that we're getting a great deal of enjoyment out of, particularly now we have the licence for MG and Austin Healey.

For one of us at H&Co, classic car document presentation is a real 'thing' since looking to buy one in 2010 and finding beautiful examples with the cars history and careful renovations and therefore provenance presented as an afterthought in old second hand paper or plastic wallet.  

Since being commissioned to build a renovation album and document folder for a 1962 Austin Healey, we have since sort out and now received a licence to be able to use the Austin Healey, as well as the MG logo on any of our folders and boxes.

This is great news for thousands of Healey and MG owners who for years have been filing away their service history, original receipts and photos in nondescript folders and lever arch files. 

Owners can now have custom made vehicle document folders, holders and organisers made in a choice of materials and colours and with the personalised details of their cars on the covers.

Any of the products on the main collection page, can be made in your choice of materials and colours and then personalised with either the MG or Healey logo's and your vehicles details stamped into the cover.

A page dedicated to vehicle document holder and bespoke car history folders can be found HERE.

MG Motor Portfolios and Document Holders

Brown leather personalised MG motor vehicle service history and document folder

The style and design as the above portfolio the bottom examples were made for a Steyr, however the example goes to show that the exposed screwpost leather portfolio can be filled with as many page protectors as you would like. 

leather custom motor vehicle history and document folder

leather car document folder with personalised cover

Another branded leather binder, but this time a leather ring binder. This one features a 2.5cm binder mechanism, but mechanism's far bigger can be used.

Custom MG leather ring binder service history and document folder with personalised front cover

MG classic car service portfolio and document history file custom made by hartnack and co

Austin Healey Document Holders

Personalised and custom made austin healey document holder and service history portfolio

custom made austin healey vehicle document holder and motor portfolio with plastic sleeves

austin healey service and vehicle document folder with 25 page protectors

custom made grey and yellow austin healey vehicle document holder and history folder

It doesn't have to be just folders that are used to hold classic car documents, we can also produce clamshell boxes which provide ideal personalised storage.

custom made clamshell box for austin healey documents invoices and restoration history

custom made vehicle document holder clamshell box for austin healey classic car