February 28, 2017 1 min read

Admittedly this was a first for us; a leather covered drop-back box with a binder mechanism (the leather covered bit was the first). The idea wasn’t ours (nothing new), our customer fell in love with the our 2.5mm leather and that is what he wanted to cover his corporate presentation box.

The job of the box was that it was to be used on the presentation of a newly restored and built bespoke manor house. Enclosed in the leather box were all the documentation for the house, from the floor plans down to the instruction manuals for the dishwasher.

The box was designed to stand upright in a bookcase in one of the many rooms, for ready and easy access to all the information need for the house and the grounds, basically a manual for the house in one box binder.

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A4 Black Leather Clamshell box file

4 hole chicago screw-post clamshell box file

bespoke box file system for house documents vehicle or family history or special project scrapbook

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