February 28, 2017 1 min read

This is a heirloom memory box for the late, Linda Sampson. It was commissioned by her husband Alan who wanted her story to remain alive for future generations.

The idea behind these handmade bespoke boxes, are that they hold the processions, keepsakes and memories of a recently departed loved one. They will be filled with personal items and then photographs and hopefully a little background that go on to tell the story of the individuals lives.

While they are very significant for the remaining family, they are equally important to future generations who would have never meet the individual whose box they are now inheriting. Family history will always be of interest to at least one member of a future generation, therefore it’s up to the current generation to give it as rounded history as possible.

In regard to individual heirloom boxes it’s worth bearing in mind that the more we make use of memory or keepsake boxes, the more information the next generation has of a particular individual. The alternative is that once deceased it does not take long for someone’s memory just to become another name on a family tree.

Bespoke Memory and Keepsake Box with Family Album