February 28, 2017 1 min read

Custom made and bespoke leather wedding and storage box

Romantically, this was a wedding album commissioned by the groom to give to his bride as a Christmas present. As is often the case now, the wedding photographer handed over a memory stick with his photo's on it.

It is A3 or roughly 12" x 17" in size, and is hand made from veg tanned Italian leather. The solander or archive clamshell box was made to fit around the leather wedding album. We picked the two colours of ivory and blue, which were the colours for the wedding, to use for the box and the album's inner cover.

The album had a blind debossed logo stamped into it, while the clamshell box has a white foil stamp on it. We also inserted a blue blue ribbon in the clamshell box to easily lift the leather album out.

Casey from Oyster and Pearl Design http://www.oysterandpearldesign.co.uk did the layouts of all the photographs and then organised it's printing on 400gsm art paper which she then had them delivered onto us. The sheets were attached into the screwpost album using polyester hinge strips. http://www.hartnackandco.com/product/polyester-hinge-and-file-strips.

By all accounts it went down very well with the new Mrs Ash and apparently exceeded the expectations of Mr Ash!

Leather Wedding Albums

Clamshell Wedding Album Keepsake Box

Bespoke Leather Wedding Album and Box

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