How To Order

Step 1 - Choose your Mechanism (portfolios or albums)

What type of binding mechanism have you decided on? Are you looking for a screw post binding mechanism or ring binder mechanism?
screw post binding mechanism in presentation portfolio book
Screw Post Mechanism.
custom blue ring binder with black mechanism
Ring Binder.


Step 2a - Choose your style of cover (portfolio or albums)

For screw post portfolios or albums, you have 4 choices to choose from.


For ring binder portfolios or albums, you have 3 choices to choose from.


Step 2b - Choose your style of box (clamshell boxes)

You have 2 choices.


Step 3 - Choose your size

We base the size of anything we make on the exact size of what is going inside it. Our prices start with A4 & 81/2" x 11" and then increase to sizes between 12" x 12" & 11" x 14", then again for 11" x 17" and A3.
If your page size is slightly bigger or smaller than these sizes, then please choose the applicable approximate size, but, please do not forget to tell us the size of what is going inside.


Step 4 - Choose you format (portfolios & albums)


Step 5 - Page Protectors, Hinge Strips or Tabs? (portfolios & albums)

Using either of these will mean your binder is either a few millimetres/inches longer and wider for page protectors, or in the case of hinge strips and tabs, wider.
We really need to know otherwise your bespoke and custom portfolio will be a little bit short and or narrow.


Step 6 - Choose your colours.

Our swatch page can be Found Here. There is no extra charge for using more than one fabric colour.

hartnack and co colour swatch boards for book cloth


Step 7 - Do you want Internal Pockets?

There is a small extra charge for pockets - More info can be Found Here.
business card pocket in blue book cloth in a photographers portfolio bookBusiness Card Pocket.
cd/dvd pocket in custom made wedding albumCD/DVD Pocket.
horizontal pocket in architects design portfolio bookHorizontal Pocket.
vertical pocket in graphic design portfolio bookVertical Pocket.


Step 8 - Personalisation

What's a custom and bespoke product if not personalised? A complete guide to personalisation can be Found Here.
Other options include


Step 9 - Delivery & Taxes

We sell to customers not just in the UK, but around the world, which is why we do not include VAT (Value Added Tax) and delivery in our headline prices.
VAT does not apply to customers in countries outside the UK & EU, however certain countries may have import duties which should be taken into consideration.

Our delivery rates can be Found Here.