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Blind Debossing

A ‘blind deboss’ is when an image is pushed with a great deal of force into the material or the leather without using a coloured foil. You are just left with an impression of the image which, when done on leather, it leaves a darkened imprint.

Embossing, Debossing?? What’s the difference? Well, embossing is when an image has been pushed up from the surface, so when you rub your finger across it you can feel the raised image. Debossing (which we offer) is when an image has been pushed down into the surface - just remember ‘D’ for down. Effectively we don't offer embossing, we only deboss. 

All that said the word ‘embossing’ has pretty much become the catch-all generic word for both.

hidden screw post portfolio

custom hidden screw post portfolio

Custom Hidden Screw Post Binder Portfolio Book

Custom clamshell box with personalisation

custom leather debossed portfolio book

custom leather debossed portfolio book