Full Colour Ultra Violet Printing

If you are looking for a full colour personalisation in a variety of places then UV printing is the best method of customising your portfolio or box. 

UV printing uses a large flat-bed multi colour ink jet system to print. The ultra violet light immediately cures the ink, so there is no drying required at all.

As there as no dies involved, the size of the logo can be as big or small as you and in as many places as you like. Please note though, it is an image printed onto your portfolio and as such may not be as sharp and vibrant as a foiled logo.

full colour printing on portfolio book cover

Full colour UV cured inkjet printing on portfolio binder
UV Printed A3 Landscape Portfolio Book

UV Printing on custom portfolio folder

H&Co custom ring binder folder

Full Colour Personalisation on Bespoke Presentation Portfolio and Box

Full Colour Personalisation on classic car service history folder binder

UV colour printed personalisation on a clamshell box
custom made personalised corporate ring binder with full colour UV Printing
Luxury bespoke presentation binder with full colour UV printed cover