Colour Foiling

Hot foil stamping or foil blocking is when we place a piece of special coloured foil between the die and the book cloth or leather. We press or ‘stamp’ the two together and hopefully, with the right combination of heat, pressure and dwell time, we are left with your name or logo, in colour, lightly impressed into the surface of your portfolio, album or box.


H&Co Foil Stamping Example of Wedding Album

White Foil on Deal Blue Book Cloth

Custom Hidden Screw post portfolio

Silver Foil on Pewter Buckram


H&Co Personalisation of Blue Foil on Custom Portfolio

Blue Foil Charcoal Buckram

Orange Foil on Charcoal Buckram on custom portfolio

Orange Foil on Charcoal Buckram

Black Foil Embossing on Photography custom Portfolio

Black Foil on Yellow Buckram