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Plaques & Inlays

To make a front cover, we take two pieces of board, glue up a side and then stick them together (we laminate them).To make either a Plaque or an Insert, we cut a hole in the top board before laminating it to the other, so basically it looks like this...

H&Co Plaque Inset first steps in The Making

To make an Inset, we just cover the boards in fabric and a space is left to insert a card (hence why an inset can be any size you would like it to be).

To make a plaque (which again can be any size and placed anywhere) we take the cut out card and trim it down further and then wrap it in book cloth.

A plaque is a really effective way of making your name or branding stand out, particularly when it is in the same accent colour as either the inner colour of your box or folder and its spine (if you’re having one.)

H&Co Name Plaque with White Foil Stamping on Purple Book cloth


An inlay is when we just leave a recessed space, where a card can then be glued in. The two advantages of an inlay is that on the one hand, it is cost effective and on the other, being a printed card, you are not limited by colour, design or size. It can be as big as you want or alternatively, you can also just place a business card in the recess.

Example of an H&Co Inlay

Regrettably, neither of these options are available with our leather products.