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  • January 29, 2019 2 min read

    Box binders can quite often be in austere colour choices, so it's just really nice when we get one that jumps out at you!
    It's a 3 ring binder so it's heading to the U.S. and the colours are Platinum and Calamine (not pink!)

    There's actually not a lot to show on this project, but we thought the colour combination looked great and it's not often we get a clamshell box binder order where the owner picks out some great colour combinations - Not that other box binder orders are boring! No, they have been chosen for what they are supposed to do, look official, uniform suited and booted, but this one looked a little more fun!

    As the 3 ring binder mechanism immediately highlights, this one is not European (we're all very 2 ring and 4 ring). This one is a 3 ring binder so its heading over to America. So apart from the colours the other thing this Blog highlights is that we should make more of a point about Hartnack and Co having stock of 3 ring binder mechanisms for its customers in the United States (so that's the second point)

    The Box Binder is made to fit 12"x12" pages. As you would expect, it typical H&Co belts and braces in construction.  The cover and clamshell walls are 2 x 2mm thick laminated grey board and corners are all step jointed, glued and hopefully is a great example of Jackie's attention to detail and therefore by extension, Hartnack and Co's attention to detail!

    The product listing can be found here and if you are interested, more examples of past work can be found on our gallery page here.

    custom made 12x12 clamshell box binder in platinum buckram and calamine pink

    custom made bespoke 12x12 box binder with 3 ring binder mechanism by hartnack and company