Custom Made Multi Tier Box Enquiry

Just like a bespoke item of clothing, your box is going to made to your exact specification. In order for us to give you an idea of cost, we are going to require as much information as possible.

If there is anything particular you would like please ask. If you have a particular idea, sketch it out on paper, photograph it on your phone and send it to us.

In particular we are going to need to know,

Size : What would be the internal dimensions of the box, height, width and length.

Fabrics & Colours : You can have as many colour combinations as you like. We recommend buckram for the outer as it is coated and therefore as to clean. Our fabric swatch can be found here Fabric Swatch Page

Personalisation : Would you like your boxed personalised? Will this just be once in one place (like the lid) or will it be in a couple of other places?

Delivery : Where are we delivering it to? We don't need an exact address but a country would be useful to calculate whether we are charging VAT and what delivery might be.

Deadline : Is there a deadline for your box and if so when might that be?

Please Drop Us A Line : Please email us and tell what you would like,