February 28, 2017 1 min read

Have you been to University or College? Then where do you keep your diploma? Why is it after three, four or five years of hard work and a lot of money, does the thing that you have striven so hard to attain, live in either your (or your parents) attic, a filing cabinet, in an envelope in a bookcase (though which bookcase...?) in a drawer (though which drawer...?) or just, you haven't a clue.

More bizarrely, a great deal of effort was also put into the graduation day itself. Gowns and hats were hired, photographs (with the diploma) were taken, relatives came from far and wide, yet less then 24 hours later, that bit of paper will be consigned to...

After all the effort, that bit of paper deserves posterity! What it should receive is a hand made scroll box, covered in the colours of the relevant college, with your name, your university and your course, foil embossed on the spine.

This hand made diploma scroll box, will then hopefully live in a book case, proudly standing amongst great pieces of literature, and occasionally reminding you of great times, a great achievement, but just as importantly becoming a conversation piece, when friends will say "Hey you went to... and you studied... So, why are you now a...?

University and College Diploma Storage Boxes bespoke and personalised