June 25, 2021 1 min read

A vehicle document box with a drawer for a Mercedes Benz Pagoda

The purpose of the box was to store everything to do with the life of a particular Mercedes Benz 280 SL Pagoda. This included original invoices, receipts, dealer correspondence, service history and restoration history. Also the old registration book, MOT's, tax disks, as well a photo album of the car.

The brief, was a box that could be easily stored and accessed and colour wise had to blend in with colour scheme and environment of the owners study.

custom made document box for car history with drawer and clamshell box

The box is essentially a large slipcase which has a drawer in the top section and a large clamshell box in the bottom. The cover of the box, is in black faux leather. The inner purple cover of the box and the binder is Harlech book cloth. 

custom made slipcase with drawer and clamshell box for car history

In the top section of the case sits a drawer with leather pull tags, which as you can see below is quite a simple affair, and would store loose papers.

The drawer section for a car document box

In the bottom section of the case lives a large clamshell box. This also has leather pulls and must be slide out to access it.

The clamshell box can be removed from the slipcase. The outer cover is in faux leather and the lining is in book cloth
large clamshell with leather pulls and personalised cover with name Mercedes Benz 280SL embossed on cover
The clamshell box has the name and title of the car blind debossed on the cover.
Blind debossed personalised cover of a car document box with the words Mercedes Benz 280sl

 Once out it can be open up to reveal an inner cover with a picture frame (for the car) and what looks like a stepped box.

Custom made clamshell box with picture frame for the car and a concealed compartment

The cover of this can be removed and a hidden screw post binder is revealed.

Hidden compartment in the clamshell box reveals a binder where photographs and documents for the car can be kept
recess detail of hidden compartment in clamshell box for car document folder
screw post binder for car history and photographs