Our specialty is making individual, presentation binders and boxes of the very highest quality.

Luxury, Professional Sales & Marketing Folders

It’s about all about making first impressions count. A beautiful presentation folder, that feels substantial and well-made can only mean one thing. That the branding on the cover stands for the same qualities.
Commissioning your bespoke binder starts with a blank sheet. It can be made to fit any size of paper. A4, A3, A2, American Letter, Portrait or Landscape and any custom size. Your binding options can either be ring binders, lever arch binders, of which we have a wide variety to choose from (see here), or alternatively screw post binders. Your cover colour options are even larger, and the materials are just as varied (see here). Lastly the personalisation of your business presentation folder ranges from full cover, full colour printing to the elegant foil blocking of your logo on the cover. A good quality, custom made sales and marketing folder is worth the investment not just because of the information within it, but because of what it says
about your business.

And remember, if you just need a single presentation folder, that's what we do.