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  • June 17, 2021 1 min read

    This was a gift from one wildlife photographer to another. A custom made clamshell portfolio box in his own branded colours, but not a standard A3 clamshell box (as that would not do justice to his work) an A2 one. Big, with space to fit wildlife prints - which demand scale, hence A2.

    We have done a couple of A2 clamshell boxes for London based French wildlife photographer Michel Ghatan and he (Michel) wanted to give a custom made print box to a good friend of his Pietro Luraschi as a gift.

    Pietro is a safari guide as well as wildlife photographer and his specialty are the game reserves of East Africa. A clearly talented man and an excellent guide, Michel wanted to repay his thanks for helping him capture some very iconic wildlife images, so he decided that Pietro should have his own custom made clamshell box for his own portfolio of work.

    Michel sent us the colours of Pietro's logo and we worked around those for the outer and inner colours of his box. We redrew his logo which was blind debossed on the cover of the clamshell box - Thanks in no small part to the colours of his branding, we think it turned out pretty well.

    For more information, the clamshell collection page can be found here and a page dedicated to photography portfolios can be found here.

    A clamshell box sized to fit A2 photographic prints.
    large custom made A2 clamshell portfolio box for wildlife photographer in brown and orange buckram
    A2 clamshell box for photographer with personalised cover with blind debossed logo