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  • Portfolio book inside portfolio box

    Portfolio books and boxes used by professional Photographers, Designers and Architects


  • leather tender presentation proposal box and binder

    Presentation binders and boxes made by us and used by Companies and Corporations


  • Bespoke leather guest book

    Products used in Restaurants, Boutique Hotels and on Super Yachts


  • thumbnail custom vehicle history binder

    Bespoke binders and boxes for classic cars and motorcycles

  • Personalisation Guide

    Personalisation. What Are Your Options?

    You have two options for personalisation - Either we set your wording out for you in one of the fonts listed below (Option 1), or you can send us an .ai or .eps file with your own logo artwork (Option 2).

    Option 1 - Using one of our H&Co Fonts

    An ideal choice if you don't have a particular font you want to use. We set out your wording with any of the fonts below. There are no limits to the number of lines you can have and there is no extra set up charge.

    Hartnack and Co typeface options

    How it works...

    1. Choose a typeface from the options above.
    2. When you come to placing an order, select the typeface you want to use.
    3. On the order, tell us the name or wording that you would like to use.
    4. Tell us where on the product you would like the artwork placed and the size.

    A week before production we will email you with a PDF proof so you can approve the design / layout and spelling. Once we have an emailed confirmation of your approval we will get to work. It’s as simple as that!

    Option 2 - Supply us with your own artwork

    Please ensure that all artwork sent follows the guidelines below. 

    1. Please ensure that all artwork is to scale (the size you would like it to appear). Maximum artwork size for blind embossing and foil stamped artwork is 25cm / 10” long.
    2. Your artwork must be 100% black on a white or transparent background(no colour or grey scale).
    3. Artwork should be supplied as a Vector generated image (.ai .eps). If you are unsure take a look at these videos for guidance on how to create a vector.

    Illustrator: How to convert text to outlines

    Photoshop: How to convert an image to a vector

    Photoshop: How to convert text into a vector

    If your artwork contains very fine details it may require a brass die instead of a magnesium one. Unfortunately brass dies are more expensive and we will quote for this separately.

    There is an option to upload the artwork when placing the order or you can send your artwork and positioning diagram to:

    Lastly, but very importantly. If we have to do any remedial work on the artwork you send us, there will be a charge based on £60.00 p/hour. Just send it exactly as above and we'll be good to go!!

    How It Works

    Once we receive either your instructions as per option 1. or your logo as per option 2. we make a metal die of either your name or your artwork (as per the picture below). 

    mag dies for personalisation of albums or portfolios h&co

    We send your artwork to our die makers. The process works by creating a picture negative film of your name/artwork and placing it over a piece of magnesium metal. Very (very!) briefly, anything that is covered in black is not washed off by a Hydrosolvent devoloper and water, anything left exposed stays. You are then left metal die, as per the examples above.

    The film is very light sensitive, which is why we need smooth vector images and and not pixel bit map images. If we develop dies from pixel images then the risk is that we get 'jagged' dies as below

    magnesium metal stamping die made using pixelated bitmap image
    foiled image using pixelated personalisation image

    We then attach the die to the hot plate of a stamping machine and either blind deboss or foil the logo onto the surface of your box, portfolio or album as below.

    The Different Types of Personalisation.

    Blind Deboss (included in price of personalised portfolio/album)

    Blind deboss creates a deep impression in the material or the leather without using a coloured foil. You are just left with an impressed image.
    Worth noting is that if you are using a fine and small typeface, your name will not stand out as well as if it were foiled.  

    hidden screw post portfolio with blind debossed logoCustom blind debossed boxcustom leather debossed portfolio book

    Hot Foil Stamping (included in price of personalised portfolio/album)

    Hot foil stamping creates a lighter impression in the material or the leather with a coloured or metallic foil.
    Combining large foiled areas with small type can sometimes be very difficult to foil, so we might suggest that you consider UV printing to achieve the best result.

    block foiled personalised photographers portfolio

    hot foil stamping on portfolio book

    Plaque - £20.00 extra on personalised portfolio price.

    A plaque, or recess, cut into the cover of your portfolio or box which can then be personalised. There is no limit to the size or colour of the plaque (other than the size of the stamping) and it can be placed anywhere you like.

    Logo on Plaque of hidden screw post portfolio

    Logo on Plaque of hidden screw post portfolio

    Logo on Plaque of custom clamshell box

    Recessed Window - £30.00 extra on personalised portfolio price.

    A bit of added impact to your presentation portfolio or box. Your name or logo is foiled or debossed onto your portfolio cover, but appears through a cut out window.

    Recessed Window on Custom Portfolio book

    Recessed Window with logo inside on Custom Portfolio boo

    Recessed Window with logo inside on custom portfolio

    Recess Only - £30.00 (£20 deduction off personalised price) 

    A recess only is when we just leave a recessed space into which a card can be glued. The two advantages of an inlay is that on the one hand, it is cost effective and on the other, being a printed card, you are not limited by colour, design or size. It can be as big as you want or alternatively, you can also just place a business card in the recess.

    Recess Only on custom wedding album

    Recess Only on portfolio book

    Full Colour UV Printing - £40.00 extra on personalised portfolio price.

    If you are looking for a full colour personalisation in a variety of places then UV printing is the best method of customising your portfolio or box. UV Printing uses a large flat-bed multi colour ink jet system to print. As there are no dies involved, the size of the logo can be as big or small and in as many places, as you like. Please note though, it is an image printed onto your portfolio and as such may not be as sharp and vibrant as a foiled logo.

    Portfolio book with full colour UV printing of logo on the cover
    UV printing on custom ring binder
    UV printing on custom presentation portfolio
    UV printing on bespoke half clamshall box