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  • March 07, 2018 3 min read

    Our newest product is one for all culinary artists! Our custom recipe files will not only look great in the kitchen but will also become a family memento for years to come.

    We soon realised what a great add to our collection this would be shortly after our daughter Amber turned 21. On her 21st birthday, one of the gifts we gave to her was cooking classes at the Ashburton Cookery School. After the course was over Amber was given a collection of fantastic recipes – resulting in her bringing home various pages of paper that soon ended up floating around the kitchen book case, or if they were lucky, in the pages of our existing cook books. After having a clear out, this soon gave us the idea of a much-needed folder to store these now loved recipes.

    Custom made and personalised recipe folder. Ideal recipe organisation for loose recipes
    Over time, our recipe collection grew from printing off our favourite family dinners and collecting grandmas loved recipes giving us a wonderfully full, handmade personalised recipe file.

    Luxury personalised recipe binder in blue buckram and white printed text

    If you’re ever finding yourself going to get a well anticipated recipe just to be searching for ages in mountains of recipe books and loose pages, you’re not alone. Our custom-made recipe files will hold all your long-loved recipes and the ones you still can’t wait to try in a safe, clean-cut and organised ring binder.

    With space for over 100 recipes in our recipe file ring binder, you’ve got room for everything you could ever need! Ring binders are easy for anyone to use and the pages are easily accessible to change, also giving you the option to lay them flat on your kitchen counter. When using a large volume of pages (especially those important family recipes!) its best to keep them readable and safe from any mess in good quality plastic sleeves – added protection after the hard cloth cover! But for those of you that find yourself grabbing loose pages last minute, our file pockets on the inside cover are the perfect location until those recipes are safely added in with the rest.

    Our recipe files are made with a buckram material so you never have to fear about a messy spill or chaos in the kitchen ruining your recipes. The water resistant, hard-wearing material will wipe clean within seconds, allowing you to carry on with your recipe file for years to come. Not only that, but buckram is acid free and archive safe meaning your prints and paper will not disintegrate over time. 

    Inside cover of a custom made recipe book in a durable wipe clean buckramThe personalisation that comes with these recipe files really allows them to become your own with your own personal stamp. With four different fantastic colour options to choose from, whether you go with your favourite colours or the colours that will match your house the best, there’s simply no way you can go wrong. On top of the colour options, you can also add personalisation, really adding the final touch. 

    We truly feel these hand-made recipe files will either make the perfect gift for someone special, or be an amazing addition to your own kitchen for the whole family to enjoy. 

    recipe files with personalised front cover

    recipe files on kitchen counter

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