Some simple guidelines to help you provide the right artwork for your name or logo for Adobe Illustrator users.

Please ensure that your fonts/typeface are all 'Outlined' - This is done the following way:

  1. Select the Text 
  2. Go to the TYPE option in the Menu Bar
  3. Go down to CREATE OUTLINES and Select

Outlining text in adobe illustrator

        4. Your Text should appear like this below - This is no longer a font but a vector shape and exactly what we need!

Example of how your text/logo should look

  • Please ensure your artwork is to scale (the size you would like it to appear in your portfolio or box)

No Colour or Greyscale artwork please..

No colour on logoNo Grey on logo 

All artwork to be in All Black on White

The correct colours to send us your logo

  • Please save your artwork as a PDF (as below)
The final step to completing artwork