March 13, 2019 1 min read

A custom bespoke box binder for fabric, with a big 100mm ring binder mechanism and personalised cover is what was required by London fashion house, Nassa Denim.  

Custom swatch boxes is an item that keeps coming up in phone conversations, unfortunately its not something we can always help with as our price points are a little higher than potential customers can justify. That said every so often, when the volumes are smaller and the requirements are more bespoke, we tend to come into our own (as that is where are strengths lie) 

And so it was with this project, for an individual, one-off fabric swatch binder. Sturdy, long lasting, robust and personalised, right up Hartnack and Co's street really.

Box binders can be found here

clamshell box for fabric swatch with personalised cover

custom fabric swatch binder clamshell box in pearl buckram

fabric swatch box binder with large 100mm binder mechanism

custom made fabric swatch book clamshell box with magnetic closure