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  • February 03, 2017 1 min read

    Compered to twenty years ago its hard to imagine how far the simple act of inviting someone to a wedding has come - back then it was a single white card with italicised script. Gold foils were introduced, as were gilded edges, but fast forward to today and it has become an entire branding exercise. 

    The stationery sets the tone, and it’s the wedding invitation that fires the initial salvo, of “this is who we are and this is what to expect”. 

    With this in mind we’d like to present to you our own ammunition in the war of “this is one wedding we cannot miss”. Having been on the receiving end of these, we know they are quite effective - They are off course Invitation presentation panels.

    There are three types of invitation panels either single panels, double panels that open like a book or triple (tri-fold) panels, the latter two being very useful as you can include pockets in the design for including wedding venue directions and RSVP cards.

    They are covered in book cloth which allows you accentuate a particular colour theme for the wedding as well.

    They also have a quite a bit of impact as well, You’ll definitely hear them drop through the letter box, they have a presence in your hand, your mantle and they’re not easily lost!

    The one thing H&Co don't do though is design your stationery, for that we recommend someone like Oyster & Pearl Design http://www.oysterandpearldesign.co.uk. (We also don't stick in the invitations, we just make the panels, but they're great panels!)

    Double Fabric Covered Invitation Panel