February 28, 2017 1 min read

It's not often we get asked for an A4 portrait folder and this would be our first black leather one. The type, or at least the finish, of the leather we use is still 'bubble' finish (no it wasn't blown on when it was wet), the hides were put into a big drum (like a tumble drier) and then tumbled. This gives it a slightly softer feel but also gives it the bubbly texture on the surface.

Anyway GMC are a civil engineering company based in Queensland (a state we appear to do very well from!) in Australia.

The GMC logo has been blind debossed into the cover and the leather used is our black 2.5mm Italian veg tanned leather.

To find out more information about our leather portfolios and binders, please click this link here. To see more of our past work, head over to this page here

A4 Leather Binder

a3 leather presentation portfolio binder custom made by H&Co