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  • Portfolio book inside portfolio box

    Portfolio books and boxes used by professional Photographers, Designers and Architects


  • leather tender presentation proposal box and binder

    Presentation binders and boxes made by us and used by Companies and Corporations


  • Bespoke leather guest book

    Products used in Restaurants, Boutique Hotels and on Super Yachts


  • thumbnail custom vehicle history binder

    Bespoke binders and boxes for classic cars and motorcycles

  • Needing something custom made and out of the ordinary? Here's the place to start.

    Nearly a quarter of what we make is something out of the ordinary, and it all tends to start on this page here.

    Our bespoke creations, range from everything and anything. From corporate tender bids or presentations, to a family keepsake or memory box. They are all individual and bespoke to that organisation or individual and started with an email enquiry just like the one you are about to embark on now.

    So, where to start?

    We need an idea of what it is you are after, or what problem you want to solve. Below are some questions we will need you to consider and answer. A good idea is, if you have an idea in your head and it is difficult to describe, sketch it down and use your mobile phone to photograph it. Then attach it to the email below.

    What we need to know

    • What size do you need it to be? - Start with what you want to place inside it and work out from there. We build everything around the contents, which then determines the physical size of the product.
    • Cover material - Head over to our Swatch Page here, and look at the fabrics available to you. If whatever we are making is going to be handled a great deal, then make sure what you cover it in can be wiped clean (i.e Buckram or Faux Leather).
    • Would you like it personalised? - We need to know where would you like it personalised and lastly how you would like it personalised. There are a number of options and information on this can be found here Personalisation Guide.
    • Is there a deadline for this? - Of course there will be, but we will need to know what that is, so that we can factor that in as to whether we can actually deliver your project on time or not.

    Having considered all of the above, we would love to hear from you.

    Please email us using this link Send me an email or by using this email address, info@hartnackandco.com and lets start a conversation!