Available in both landscape & portrait, these display sleeves or sheet protectors are glass clear and archival safe. They are multi punched and will fit either H&Co post bound binders or other binders with standard post spacings (2, 3 or 4 hole).

The pockets are made 110 micron polypropylene, which is both acid free and archival safe. At a 110 micron it is quite dense but also very clear and after polyester, the best material to display or present your work or keep certificates or treasured items safe.

The A4 option opens from the top and has multi punched holes to fit either a standard ring binder or 4 post binder.

The A3 and 12" x 12" options open from the binding side.  Also with multi holes, they fit 2, 3 or 4 hole binders.

Units - We sell our polypropylene page protectors in packs of 10. If you want 20 page protectors then please make the order quantity 2, If you want 30 pockets then make the order quantity 3 (and so on..)

Delivery - Products usually dispatched next day (or occasionally, same day) when purchased separately.

All Page Protector Sleeves - Various sizes (pack of 10)

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