June 06, 2021 1 min read

This was a project that began as a gift, for a photography graduate in Canada. An 11 x 17 photographers portfolio book, given as a graduation present by proud parents to their newly graduated Photographer daughter. Actually it ended that way as well, but originally the idea was for a fabric or buckram covered portfolio and it was only after a visit to our studio that leather was discovered and leather was promptly settled on. 

Sorry, have I over sold the conversion from buckram to leather? My apologies, but we seldom get asked for leather bound design or photography portfolios. Reason being, that they are a great deal more expensive and photographers tend to go with buckram or the 3.5mm thick, full on veg tanned leather. 

Leather bound portfolios start off more expensive because the hides cost more and the edges have to skived or parred down with a knife so that they fold nicely and neatly over the inner board, so all in all a more luxury product (I'm sure you will agree!) 

If you would like to see and learn more about the portfolios we make, we have a page dedicated to portfolio books and portfolio boxes which can be found here

A3 leather bound personalised photography portfolio book

Portfolio book with 3 screw posts for binders and an inner cover in solo orange

Solo orange inner cover with detail of blue leather outer cover

11x17 landscape format photography portfolio book in blue leather and rose gold foil embossed personalisation