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  • Portfolio book inside portfolio box

    Portfolio books and boxes used by professional Photographers, Designers and Architects


  • leather tender presentation proposal box and binder

    Presentation binders and boxes made by us and used by Companies and Corporations


  • Bespoke leather guest book

    Products used in Restaurants, Boutique Hotels and on Super Yachts


  • thumbnail custom vehicle history binder

    Bespoke binders and boxes for classic cars and motorcycles

  • Web Transactions Safety & Security

    We have put together this short information section on the security of your data during the purchase process.  

    Paying for your Portfolio Album or Box

    Once you have confirmed your order and delivery details you are taken to a payment page that is securely hosted by Stripe Payments Europe Ltd through Shopify, our website hosting company. We use Stripe to collect/process transaction information.  If you would like further information about the way that Stripe ensures your security, please see their Security Policy. If you would like to see the privacy and security policy of Shopify, please look at their PCI credentials.

    The Stripe payment system will require CVV2/CVC2 verification during the payment process.

    Although we do all that we can to ensure that your information is secure, transmission of data can be compromised and we cannot guarantee that this will never happen.

    In order to minimise any such incidences please follow some basic guidelines for internet safety:

    Hints and Tips on Internet Safety

    One of the most recommended ways to be sure your online transaction is safe is to look for the locked padlock icon in your web browser’s URL bar. When you see the locked padlock it is telling you two things:

      • The site you are using has a verified SSL certificate which is valid and usable.
      • Your browser has accepted the SSL certificate and has triggered encryption of data between your computer and our site.

    In addition, on many modern browsers, the address bar at the top of the browser will turn green. This means that not only is the connection secured, but VeriSign Extended Validation has authenticated the identity of Hartnack and Company Ltd. Extended Validation is used by major online businesses, including HSBC, PC World, eBay etc.

    Whilst shopping with us, the address in your browser should always start or

    Security Tips

    If you are using a shared computer always remember to log out once you have finished on any website. Closing your web browser may not be enough and it is always best to use the log out button on a website.

    • Never write down your password and always keep it a secret. You should also change your password at regular intervals, or immediately if you suspect it has been compromised.
    • When creating a password it is best to choose a combination of both numbers and letters. Avoid using parts of your email, postal address, date of birth or your name.

      For more information on internet security whilst shopping on line, please visit the government website at