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  • Portfolio book inside portfolio box

    Portfolio books and boxes used by professional Photographers, Designers and Architects


  • leather tender presentation proposal box and binder

    Presentation binders and boxes made by us and used by Companies and Corporations


  • Bespoke leather guest book

    Products used in Restaurants, Boutique Hotels and on Super Yachts


  • thumbnail custom vehicle history binder

    Bespoke binders and boxes for classic cars and motorcycles

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How Quickly Can I get My Order?

    Our current lead time between actually placing your order and then recieving it, is approximatly 1-2 weeks. More Information on delivery can be found here

    Is everything you have made to order or do you have anything Off The Shelf?

    The only product we have ready to dispatch at short notice is the A3 Landscape Exposed Screwpost OTS Portfolio. 

    Unfortunatly everything else we make is to order and we don't make stock. We don't offer 'rush jobs' or an 'express' service purely because everybody wants their order as quickly as possible. If we get time in the future, then yes, we'll make some stock!


    How Do You Determine The Size Of A Binder?

    We determine the actual physical size of a binder (or box) by whatever sized page (or page protector) that is going into it. We then build outwards from that size.
    For example, if you are putting A3 pages into your portfolio, we take the page size and add an extra 8mm (.31”) to the top, bottom and right side of the page.  Equally if you are using page protectors/sleeves/pockets, or even tabs, we build outwards from that size - This is why we always ask the question "are you using page protectors or hinge strips" as this will determine the outer cover size of your portfolio.

    What If I Order A Binder Not Sized for Sleeves and Then Add Them At A Later Date? 

    The page protector is naturally bigger than the page, therefore as per the above, potentially you’ll end up with a portfolio that is fractionally smaller than its contents.

    Can You Make Custom Sizes?

    Absolutely! The most important dimensions we need are the sizes of paper (or other media) that are going to be placed in it. This is Really important and we suggest you send us a sample just to be sure. Alternatively you can give us the dimensions. Please Note (another really important point) we will make your portfolio or box to fit the dimensions that we are given. If these turn out to be incorrect we can not be held liable.

    I Am Using Pina Zangaro or Technosales Page Protectors Can You Accommodate These?

    Yes, we just need to be informed so that we can adjust our sizing accordingly.

    How Do You Put Pages Into Your Screwpost Binder?

    Please follow this link Inserting Pages Into a Screwpost Binder

    Will My Pages Lie Completely Flat In A Screw Post Binder?

    It depends on a number of factors particularly the number of pages and the size of the portfolio. If placing pages directly into the portfolio, one should consider using hinge strips and ‘scoring’ the edge near the join, so that the pages can ‘hinge’. This can also be done when not using hinge strips.
    Page protectors or sleeves have natural ‘hinges’, so this helps a great deal.

    How Many Pages Can I Fit Into A Folder With A Standard 25mm Spine?

    This depends on the weight of the paper you use of whether you will be using plastic sleeves, so it’s easier to say that the maximum gap is 15mm. Pile up the number of pages and this should be its maximum height.

    You can get between 25 - 30 of our (H&Co) page protector wallets into a standard 25mm spine.

    My Portfolio Will Grow Over Time, What Do You Suggest?

    An Exposed Screw Post Portfolio is the most flexible of all our folders. The size (thickness) is determined the by the length of the posts that you use. Extensions or longer versions can be easily purchased.
    Alternatively we can make bigger spine covers for you later, if you opt for a Hidden Screwpost.

    The Number Of Pages I Put Into A Portfolio Vary With Projects, What Do You Suggest?

    Either an Exposed Screw Post or Leather Portfolio, just don’t forget to order different size posts or extensions.

    What Is The Biggest Size Box You Make?

    We have been asked to make an A1 (23 3/8 x 33 1/8) sized box, but practically this is not sensible, unless it is to hold a couple of sheets of paper and is handled very little. The size and weight would make it difficult to handle.

    Do You Sell Carry Cases Or Bags For Portfolios?

    No, unfortunately it is something we are yet to source. Mapack offer a very simple, but effective carry bag. 


    What is a 'Die'?

    It is a metal plate that has your name or logo etched out of it. Very (very) simply, a 'photo' is taken of your logo, placed on to a magnesium plate and the area not covered by the image is washed away by an acid, you are then left with your name or logo standing out. Sometimes it can be made out of brass and your name is CNC routed out of the brass.
    The die is then attached to stamping machine and heated to 130 degrees before being pressed down with 4 tons of pressure to leave its mark in your binder or box, either through foil or not.

     What Is A Vector Image?

    Basically it is shape not a pixel. As a result it's not made up of loads of squares (pixels), but has a clean edge. It can be made big or small (scalable) without losing resolution. If your logo was created by a Graphic Designer the chances are they gave you a version of your logo as a vector. It'll be a .ai file or an .eps file. If they didn't it would be very easy (and free) for them to make one for you. Failing that a friendly Designer with Adobe Illustrator, could make up a version for you.

    So Why Does My Artwork Have To Be a Vector Image?

    A good quality die is only as good as the image used to create it. Therefore it needs clean lines and sharp edges. A JPEG or PDF made in photoshop from a pixelated bitmap image does not tick either box. You will get a pixelated version of your artwork made into metal and that will be used to stamp your name or logo into your beautiful (and expensive) folder or box.

    I Have A Logo I Created In Photoshop and I Can Save It To a .PSD or .PDF or .TIFF or Very High Res .JPEG. Surely This is Good Enough?

    So long as it is High Res enough, then yes, we can give it a go!

    Why Must Fonts Be Outlined?

    The font needs to be outlined so that it is seen as a shape as opposed to a letter.  If it is a letter, it could be that, if our system does not know your font, it will substitute it, thus making your logo incorrect.