March 10, 2017 2 min read

This is something we should celebrate surely? It signifies progress and growth and 'aren't- we-doing-well!' The thing is we physically had to move the damn Guillotine 4 times in as many years. 

First, it was when we got it, where we had to move it upstairs into the spare room. Then it was down stairs into the garage. We moved house so that was the third time and then of course a year later we had to move the business, because even a large double garage was becoming unbearably cramped.

But now, we have space!

Anyway, here we are and here we shall stay! So where is 'here' exactly? Well 'here' is on the outskirts of the village of Uffculme on what was once a large chicken farm. The chicken barns ceased hosting chickens over 25 years ago and were converted into light industrial units, but the landlord still produces chickens (actually it's Free Range Eggs) in the fields adjacent to us, so the smell has transferred from the sheep and cattle of Butterleigh to chickens.

Actually in fairness to Mr Persey (our landlord) we have yet to smell 'chickens'. This should be acknowledged, because in Butterleigh where we still live, we have a chicken farmer not far away and when he cleans out his barns every ?? months, the smell is quite pungent. Not as pungent it should be said as when the arable or grazing fields get 'slurried' with liquid manure which is very popular prior to ploughing and the dairy cows going out for the summer, but depending upon what animal produced the fertiliser, it can be beyond awful (And you thought living in the country was idyllic? It ain't green all by itself you know)

Anyway, Uffculme is set on the edge of the relatively famous Blackdown Hills, which are very picturesque. The river Culm runs through it to the river Exe (you see Uff-Culm, off the Culm?..) It is old Devon, not too far away our niece has married into a family that has been on the same farm since 1453, at least that's how the family tree has it that sits proudly in their hall.

Unlike Surrey, we are not festooned with famous faces and if you are (famous) then it's because you born around here and your expected to fit in, we have one or two local heroes of international standing, but naming them would not be fulfilling the criteria of just "fitting in" would it? 

Moving in - It's been a do'er upper, but we are getting there.