February 28, 2017 1 min read

Commissioned as present for photographer Lori Kelly, this A3 sized, leather photography print portfolio is starting to follow the trend for more and more of our creative clients wanting flip over presentation portfolios. We can see the attraction as they add that extra bit of bespoke and out of the ordinary.

For Lori's print book we also made it without the facing inner book cover, which left just the natural leather facing, which was really attarctive and also made the turning of the cover a little more flexable and softer.

The leather we used was our standard brown tumbled 3.5mm thick, Italian veg tanned that we sourced from our supplier in London - it had a great smell! (that's the leather, not the supplier)

Photographers A3 Leather Print Portfolio Book Flip Over Format

Brown Leather Portfolio Screw Post Binder With Natural Inside Cover

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